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The EU-CHECK View on User Privacy and Security in AI Applications

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5:00 PM, Tuesday 11 Jun 2024 (1 hour)
Research and Innovation
Artificial Intelligence


The regulatory landscape, ethical considerations and best practices are outlined by EU-CHECK to ensure responsible and trustworthy AI applications. In this session, attendees will gain valuable insight into the European Union’s Coordinated Universal Compliance for Keeping User Privacy and Security perspective, especially in the context of AI deployment. The speakers will explore the ways in which professionals, organizations, and governments strive to uphold user rights and data protection standards in the era of artificial intelligence.  

Key questions and objectives 

  • What are the principles and requirements outlined by EU-CHECK for ensuring user privacy and security in AI applications? 
  • How do these guidelines impact the development and regulation of AI technologies within the EU? 
  • How can the complex landscape of AI ethics and compliance be navigated, aligning with EU-CHECK standards while fostering innovation in the global AI market?  

My Session Status

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