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Dr Riccardo Acciai
Head of Service for International and EU Matters, Garante per la Protezione dei Dati Personali
Ms Jackie Acker
Deputy Privacy and Civil Liberties Officer, CIA
Avv Adebowale Adediwura
Associate, WST Law&Tax Firm
Ms Chiara Agostini
Partner, RP Legal & Tax
Mr Jan Philipp Albrecht
President Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung (Former MEP), Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung
Ms Dorotea Alessandra De Marco
Official at the Digital Technologies and IT Security Department of the Personal Data Protection, Garante per la Protezione dei Dati Personali
Ms Alessia Allegri
Data Protection Officer, Vorwerk Italia s.a.s. di VMI s.r.l.
Ms Serena Alvino
Co-Chair, General Counsel, Nerviano Medical Science
Dr Denise Amram
Assistant Professor, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Dr Pasquale Annicchino
Assistant Professor of Law, Università di Foggia
Prof Annie Antón
ADVANCE Professor of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology
Mr Justin Antonipillai
Global Head of Government Affairs, Chief Trust and Legal Officer, Pryon
Ms Valentina Apruzzi
Partner, Princivalle Apruzzi Danielli
Ms Jocelyn Aqua
Data Privacy and Ethics Leader, PwC
Mr Sergio Aracu
Privacy Lawyer/Founding Partner, Area legale Srl
Francisco Arga e Lima
Junior Legal Counsel, LEXR Switzerland AG
Ms Nadia Arnaboldi
CEDPO Vice President, ASSO DPO Executive Board, CEDPO/ASSO DPO
Ms Maria Teresa Arredondo Waldmeyer
Director- Life Supporting Technologies, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid/ Researcher
Ms Cecilia Àlvarez Rigaudias
EMEA Privacy Policy Director at Facebook, Meta


Mr Almir Badnjevic
DPA, Agency for Identification Documents Registers and Data Exchange of Bosnia and Herzegovina (IDDEEA)
Ms Sally Bagheri
Doctoral Student, Malmö University
Mr Paolo Balboni
Professor of Privacy, Cybersecurity, and IT Contract Law, Maastricht University
Ms Rossana Baldon
ASSO DPO, Asso dpo
Mr Norman Barbosa
General Manager and Associate General Counsel, Microsoft Corporation
Dr Mikołaj Barczentewicz
Professor/Researcher for the University of Oxford and Surrey, University of Surrey
Ms Najuequa Barnes
Managing Director, United Consulting International Ltd
Mr Marco Barone
Principal Privacy Counsel, OneTrust
Mr Kristian Bartholin
Head of the Digital Development Unit, and Secretary to the Committee on Artificial Intelligence (CAI), CoE
Mr Alvaro Bedoya
Commissioner, US Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
Ms Leila Belhadj Mohamed
Executive Member - Advocacy & Policy, Privacy Network
Mr Ernesto Belisario
General Secretary, E-Lex Studio Legale
Ms Ileana Bello
Amnesty International Italia, Amnesty International Italia
Mr Brando Benifei
Italian MEP, European Parliament
Ms Claudia Berg
General Counsel, Information Commissioner's Office
Mr Marco Berlanda
DPO, Cassa Centrale Banca - Credito Cooperativo Italiano S.p.A.
Mr Miguel Bernal-Castillero
Director of International, Provincial and Territorial Relations, Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada
Mr Nicola Bernardi
President of Federprivacy, Italian Association of Privacy Professionals, Federprivacy
Mr Alessandro Bernes
Assistant professor at the Department of Economics, Ca' Foscari University of Venice
Mr Enrico Bianchi
Dirigente dell'Area Giuridico-Finanziaria, Appalti, Programmi e Progetti, Ufficio Speciale per la Ricostruzione dei Comuni del Cratere
Mr Filippo Bianchini
Executive Board, Asso dpo
Prof Monica Billio
Professor of Econometrics and Coordinator of the Master Degree Programme in Economics, Finance and Sustainability, Università Ca' Foscari Venezia
Mr Stefano Biondi
Data Protection Officer, Menarini
Mr Piercosma Bisconti
Co-Founder and Researcher, DEXAI - Artificial Ethics
Ms Géraldine Bolet
Data Protection Officer, National Laboratory of Health of Luxembourg
Luca Bolognini
President, Istituto Italiano per la Privacy e la Valorizzazione dei Dati
Dr Marietjie Botes
Lawyer and Researcher, University of KwaZulu Natal
Dr Ana Brian Nougrères
Special Rapporteur on the Right to Privacy, OHCHR
Julie Brill
Chief Privacy Officer & Corporate Vice President, Microsoft
Mr Filiberto Emanuele Brozzetti
Assistant Professor, LUISS University
Ms Els Bruggeman
Head Policy, Enforcement and Communication, Euroconsumers
Mr Otto Bruun
Scientific Advisor for International Innovation Programmes, SERI
Ms Anna Buchta
Head of Unit “Policy & Consultation”, EDPS - European Data Protection Supervisor
Ms Jasmina Byrne
Chief of Foresight and Policy, UNICEF


Prof Ricardo Campos
Professor, Goethe Universität
Mr Francesco Capparelli
Chief Cybersecurity Advisor, IIP - Italian Institute for Privacy
Marco Cardelli
General Manager, SPEE srl
Mr Franco Cardin
Coordinatore Consiglio Direttivo, ANORC Professioni
Prof Francesca Caroccia
Associate Professor, University of L'Aquila
Ms Antonia Carzaniga
Counsellor in the Trade in Services and Investment Division, WTO
Ms Carmen Casado
Global Privacy Office Director, WFP
Ms Francesca Casalini
Policy Analyst, OECD
Prof Roberto Casarin
Professor, Ca' Foscari University of Venice
Prof Federica Casarosa
Professor, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies
Mr Giorgio Casati
General Director, ASL ROMA 2
Prof Claudia Morgana Cascione
Associate Professor of Comparative Private Law, University of Bari
Mr Efrain Castaneda
Director of Privacy, OneTrust
Ms Elsa Catalano
DPO, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SPA
Ms Anna Cataleta
Senior Partner at P4I, Vice-President of Officine Dati, P4I - Partners4Innovation - Digital360
Mr Leonardo Cervera Navas
Secretary-General of the European Data Protection Supervisor, EDPS - European Data Protection Supervisor
Mr Regis Chatellier
Responsable d'études prospectives, CNIL
Mr Jang Hyuk Choi
Vice Chairperson of Personal Information Protection Commission, PIPC
Prof Theodore Christakis
Director of AI-Regulation Chair and Professor, University of Grenoble
Mr Martin Chungong
Secretary General, Inter-Parliamentary Union
Mauro Cicognini
Founding partner, Rexilience S.r.l.
Ms Clara Clark Nevola
Group Manager (Technology), Information Commissioner's Office
Violaine Clerc
Executive Secretary, Financial Action Task Force (FATF)
Ms Mason Clutter
Chief Privacy, U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Ms Shannon Coe
US government, U.S. Department of Commerce
Dr Anna Colaps
Member of the Cabinet of the Supervisor, European Data Protection Supervisor
Avv Vincenzo Colarocco
Partner at Previti and Co-founder of SP Tech, Previti Law Firm
Ms Anne-Cécile Colas
Group Data Protection & Digital Trust Officer, PLUXEE
Ms Martina Colasante
Government Affairs & Public Policy Manager, Google
Ms Kate Colleary
Director of Pembroke Privacy /IAPP Country Leader for Ireland, Pembroke Privacy
Mr Matteo Colombo
Founding Partner and President, Associazione Data Protection Officer
Mr Jérôme Commodi
Lawyer and Auditor, CNPD
Ms Isabella Corradini
Scientific Director, Themis Research Center
Prof Agostino Cortesi
Professor, Ca' Foscari University of Venice
Ms Barbara Cosgrove
Vice President, Chief Privacy Officer, Workday Inc.
Mr Peter Craddock
Partner, Keller and Heckman LLP
Mr Tommaso Crepax
Researcher, Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies; Vrije Universiteit Brussels
Mr Cédric Crettaz
Engineer, IoT Lab
Dr Jason Cristofaro
Intellectual Property Program Manager, Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis, National Cancer Institute
Mr Marco Cuniberti
Vice President, Circolo dei Giuristi Telematici
Prof Valentina Cuocci
Professore Associato, Università di Foggia
Mr Michal Czerniawski
Administrator, European Parliament


Mr Brian Daigle
Senior Advisor (Data Policy and Data Governance), US Department of State
Mr Maarten G.A. Daman
Data Protection Officer (DPO), European Central Bank
Dr Stephen Damianos
Director of Technology and Human Rights, The Neurorights Foundation
Mr Yacine Daquin
French Health Data Hub
Ms Emma Day
Human Rights Lawyer, CEO, Tech Legality
Ms Beatriz de Anchorena
Director, Agency of Access to Public Information Argentina
Mr Ian Deguara
Deputy Commissioner, Office of the Information and Data Protection Commissioner
Ms Giuditta del Buono
Technical Product Manager, Gaia-X
Patricia Del Carmen
Board Member, EUDC
Mr Mauro Del Gaudio
DPO and CSR Manager, Sara Assicurazioni
Mr Angelo Del Giudice
Sectoral Referent for Industry and Digital Trust, ACCREDIA
Prof Federica De Stefani
DPO & Certified “Maestro Protezione Dati & Data Protection Designer”; Adjunct Professor, Italian Institute for Privacy and Data Valorisation (IIP)
Ms Luisa Di Giacomo
Head of Italian Center anti-cyberbulling, CNAC / IIP
Mr Alessandro Di Mattia
Director, PrivacyRules Ltd
Ms Anja Dinhopl
User Experience Research Manager, Google
Ms Chiara di Somma
Official, Garante per la Protezione dei Dati Personali
Ms Pam Dixon
Founder and Executive Director, World Privacy Forum
Xengie Doan
Doctoral Researcher, University of Luxembourg
Ms Fatma Sümeyra Doğan
PhD Researcher, Jagiellonian University
Ms Itxaso Dominguez de Olazábal
Policy Advisor, EDRi European Digital Rights
Ms Martina D'Onofrio
Research Fellow, University of Turin
Mr Martin Drechsler
Managing Director, FSM
Mr Daniel Drewer
Data Protection Officer and Head of the Data Protection Function, Europol
Dr Prokopios Drogkaris
Ms Florence Dubosc
Legal Counseler, Data Protection Authority (CCIN)
Mr Philippe Dufresne
The Privacy Commissioner of Canada, Office of the Privacy Commissioner Canada
Mr Bertrand Du Marais
Commissioner, CNIL
Mr Frederic Dupin
National Oversight Commission for Intelligence-Gathering Techniques (CNCTR)
Mr Louis Dutheillet de Lamothe
Secretary General, CNIL


Dr Shirin Ebadi
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Academic Expert
Dr Laura Edelson
Postdoctoral Researcher, Computer Science and Engineering, NYU
Mr John Edwards
Information Commissioner, Information Commissioner's Office
Mr Nick Espinosa
Chief Security Fanatic, Foundation for a Human Internet


Mr Willy Fabritius
Global Head - Strategy and Business Development, SGS
Mr Enrique Factor Santoveña
Head of Service for Relations with the EU, Commissioner’s Cabinet, AEPD
Mr Gabriele Faggioli
President of Clusit, Adjunct Professor, Clusit
Prof Fernanda Faini
Researcher and Professor of Legal Informatics and Digital Law, Università Telematica Pegaso
Ms Ginevra Cerrina Feroni
Vice President, Garante per la Protezione dei Dati Personali
Afonso Ferreira
Director of Research and Programme Manager for European Affairs in Digital Matters, CNRS
Ms Ada Fiaschi
Data Protection Officer, ita airways
Giuseppe Fico
Associate Professor, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Raffaello Fico
Head of the Ufficio Speciale per la Ricostruzione dei Comuni del Cratere, Ufficio Speciale per la Ricostruzione dei Comuni del Cratere
Mr Claudio Filippi
Italian DPA, Garante per la Protezione dei Dati Personali
Ms Giulia Finocchiaro
Lawyer, ICT Cyber Consulting
Ms Valentina Fiorenza
ICT & Data Protection Lawyer
Mr Michael Fitzpatrick
Chief Privacy Officer, NYC DPO
Mr Luigi Foglia
Lawyer, General Secretary, Legal Consultant, ANORC
Mr Carmelo Fontana
Senior Regional Counsel, Google
Ms Christina Forsgard
Founder, Netprofile
Mr Giovanni Francescutti
Head of Global Sales Enablement, DNV BUSINESS ASSURANCE
Ms Kate Francis
Head of Research, Data Ethics and Digital Sustainability; PhD Candidate, Maastricht University
Ms Claire Francois
Legal Program Director, Medtronic
Mr Diego Fulco
Scientific Director of the Italian Privacy Institute - Lawyer, Italian Privacy Institute


Mr Amit Gadhia
Advocate of the High Court of Kenya/Lawyer, Amit Gadhia Advocate & Solicitor
Mr Luciano Gaido
Director of Technology, INFN
Ms Chiara Gallese
Postdoctoral Fellow, Attorney at Law, University of Turin
Mr Bruno Gencarelli
Head of Unit, European Commission
Prof Francesca Gennari
Associate Professor, University of Brescia
Ms Zelda Gerard
Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés (CNIL)
Ms Natascha Gerlach
Director of Privacy and Data Policy, Centre for Information Policy Leadership (CIPL)
Ms Elena-Cristina Gerth
Auditor in the Compliance Department, CNPD Luxembourg
Mr Agostino Ghiglia
Member of Italian Data Protection Supervisory Authority, Autorità Garante per la protezione dei dati personali
Prof. Dr. Sibylle Gierschmann
Partner, Gierschmann Legal
Ms Patrizia Gigante
Member of the Board, Autorità Garante per la Protezione dei Dati Personali della Repubblica di San Marino
Ms Clarisse Girot
Head, Data Governance and Privacy , OECD
Ms Nadia Giusti
Cybersecurity Expert & Data Privacy Advisor - Siemens and IAPP Knet Rome Co-Chair, Siemens DI SW
Ms Jessica G Lee
Head of Privacy Legal, OpenAI
Mr Vinay Goel
Director, Product Management, Google
Mr David Goodman
Senior Consultant, Trust in Digital Life
Ms Caroline Goulding
Data Protection Officer, TikTok
Mr Vincent Graf Narbel
Head of the TechHub, ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross)
Ms Francesca Gravili
Partner, WST Law & Tax Firm
Mr Elias Grünewald
Senior Researcher, TU Berlin / Charité – Berlin University Medicine
Mr Pieter Gryffroy
Attorney in Technology, Data Protection, Intellectual Property and Media Law, Timelex
Dr Andres Guadamuz
Senior Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law, University of Sussex
Ms Alessandra Guidi
Vice Direttore Generale, DIS
Sergio Guillen Barrionuevo
Chief Innovation Officer, ACTIVAGE ASSOCIATION
Ms Neema Guliani
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Services, U.S. Department of Commerce


Mr Marcel Haag
Director for Horizontal Policies, European Commission
Ms Rebecca Haehn
Senior Technical Officer, BfDI
Johannes M. Halkenhäußer
Researcher, TU Berlin
Ms Terhi Hänninen
Senior Product Manager, Google
Ms Katherine Harman-Stokes
Acting Director, Office of Privacy and Civil Liberties, Office of Privacy and Civil Liberties
Ms Kate Hartley
Co-Founder, Polpeo
Tilman Herbrich
Partner/Lawyer, Spirit Legal Fuhrmann Hense Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten
Alain Herrmann
Commissioner, National Comission for Data Protection (CNPD)
Dr Hielke Hijmans
President of the Litigation Chamber - Member of the Executive Committee, Belgian Data Protection Authority
Jaap-Henk Hoepman
Associate professor, Radboud University
Ms Lorelien Hoet
Director of EU Government Affairs, Microsoft
Dr Des Hogan
Data Protection Commissioner, Irish Data Protection Commission
Mr Brent Homan
Commissioner of Guernsey, Office of the Data Protection Authority
Ms Jane Horvath
Partner in the Washington, D.C. Office of Gibson Dunn, Gibson Dunn & Crutcher
Ms Alison Howard
Assistant General Councel, Microsoft Corp (USA)


Ms Maria Teresa Iannone
Responsabile Bioetica, Ospedale Isola Tiberina - Roma
Prof Michele Iaselli
President, ANDIP
Prof Nnenna Ifeanyi-Ajufo
Professor of Law and Technology, Leeds Law School
Ms Ursula Illibauer
Legal Advisor, Federal Division Information and Consulting at the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber
Mr Davide Integlia
CEO and Founder, ISHEO


Bilel Jamoussi
Deputy-Director, ITU/AI4GOOD
Dr Lela Janashvili
President, Personal Data Protection Service of Georgia
Spencer Janyk
Senior Product Manager, Ads Trusted Execution Environment, Google
Ms Eva Jarbekk
Partner, Head of Data Protection and Privacy, Schjødt
Dr Meiko Jensen
Senior Lecturer for Cybersecurity and Privacy, Karlstad University
Mr Rune Odgaard Jensen
Deputy Secretary-General, Danish Intelligence Oversight Board
Mr Alex Joel
Scholar-in-Residence and Adjunct Professor, American University
Mr Will Jones
UK Home Officer
Mr Tobias Judin
Head of International Department, Norwegian Data Protection Authority
Ms Hanne Juncher
Director of Security, Integrity and Rule of law, Council of Europe


Ms Tamar Kaldani
Data Protection Consultant. Former Data Protection Supervisor of Georgia and Vice-Chair of the Consultative Committee of the CoE Convention 108.
Ms Lanah Kammourieh Donnelly
Global Head of Privacy Policy, Google
Mr Sotirios Kanellopoulos
Policy Officer, DG Environment
Mr Ventsislav Karadjov
Chairman, Bulgarian Commission for Personal Data Protection
Ms Immaculate Kassait
Data Commissioner, ODPC
Ms Ekaterina Kasyanova-Kühl
Legal Researcher, European Center for Certification and Privacy
Mr Sokratis Katsikas
Director, Norwegian Center for Cybersecurity in Critical Sectors (NORCICS)
Ms Emily Keaney
Deputy Commissioner of Regulatory Policy, ICO
Mr Jason J Kee
Government Affairs and Public Policy Counsel, Google
Dr Ulrich Kelber
The Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, BfDI
Ms DeBrae Kennedy-Mayo
Senior Academic Professional, Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business
Mr Peter Kimpian
Secretary to the Committee of Convention 108, Council of Europe
Prof. Dr. Henning Klaffke
Professor of Applied Computer Science, Berufliche Hochschule Hamburg - UAS (BHH)
Ms Irina Klokova
Management Board Member/Co-Founder, EADPP
Ms Magdalena Kogut
Attorney at Law, Timelex
Mr Gregor König
DPO, Erste Group Bank AG
Ms Helena Koning
Assistant General Counsel - Global Privacy Compliance Assurance and Europe Data Protection Officer, Mastercard Europe
Prof Herke Kranenborg
Professor in European Data Protection and Privacy Law at Maastricht University/member of the Legal Service of the European Commission, Maastricht University
Mr Sebastian Kränzle
Legal Officer, Berlin Data Protection Authority (Berlin DPA)
Srdjan Krco
Co-founder/CEO of DunavNET. Management Boards of WeDoSoftware, BluSky Consulting LLC, AIOTI and IoT Forum, DunavNET


Mr Sergey Lagodinsky
Member, European Parliament
Ms Ilaria Lana
One Roche Legal & Privacy Partner, Roche S.p.A.
Ms Isabelle Landreau
Group Data Protection Officer, IDEMIA
Mr Steve Lang
Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Information and Communications Policy, US Department of State
Owe Langfeldt
Policy Officer, Digital Health Unit, European Commission
Dr Mariagrazia Lanzanova
Ms Elise Lassus
Project Officer, European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA)
Mr Pierre-Yves Lastic
Secretary-General, EFDPO
Ms Elise Latify
Independent Privacy and Data Protection Lawyer, Former CNIL
Ms. Kari Laumann
Head of Technology and Analysis Division, Norwegian Data Protection Authority
Mr Cedric Lauradoux
Researcher, Privatics Team - Inria
Mr Travis LeBlanc
Board Member, Privacy Civil Liberties Oversight Board
Ms Erika Leinonen
Legal Counsel, Lexia
Ms Catherine Lennman
Delegate for International Affairs and Francophonie, Swiss Data Protection Authority
Ms Anna Paola Lenzi
TeamSystem S.p.A., TeamSystem S.p.A.
Mr Luca Leone
Privacy Specialist & Composer, Sistemi H.S. S.p.A.
Ms Judith Leschanz
President, Secur-Data Betriebsberatungs-Ges.m.b.H.
Nicola Leschke
Research Associate, TU Berlin
Ms Lucilla Less
Member, ANORC
Mr Stefano Leucci
VP & Head of Data Protection and Governance, Mobilisights
Ms Vasiliki Liagkou
Assistant Professor, Department of Informatics and Telecomunications of the University of ioannina
Mr Edoardo Limone
ICT and Cybersecurity Specialist, ICT and Cybersecurity Specialist
Ms Monica Lippa
Attorney, Privacy and New Technologies Department, Gianni Origoni (GOP) Law Firm
Ms Tiziana Lippiello
Rector, Ca' Foscari University of Venice
Mr Andrea Lisi
President, ANORC Professioni
Mr Alexandre Lodie
Postdoctoral Researcher, Privatics Team - Inria
Ms Paula Meira Lourenço
President, Portuguese Data Protection Supervisory Authority
Ms Maria Luciana Axente
Head of AI Public Policy and Ethics, PwC


Dr Giorgia Macilotti
Cybersecurity Governance Consultant, AIRBUS Protect
Ms Drudeisha Madhub
Data Protection Commissioner, MIoD
Mr Gianclaudio Malgieri
Associate Professor, Leiden University
Dr Beata Mangelberger
Data Protection Officer & Entrepreneur, lexetdata e.U.
Mr Alessandro Mantelero
Independent Expert on AI, Polytechnic University of Turin
Ms Melissa Marchese
Gianni & Origoni / Senior Counsel, Gianni & Origoni
Ms Sara Marcucci
Research Fellow, The GovLab
Mr Milan Marinović
Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection, Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection
Mr Gianluca Martinelli
Head of Privacy and Data Compliance, YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP
Mr Borja Martinez
Head Partner, Antitrust Lawyer, FIELDFISHER Spain
Avv Marco Martorana
Professor and Lawyer, Universitas Mercatorum
Assoc. Prof. Deborah Mascalzoni
Group Leader ELSI (Ethical Legal and Social Issues in Research), Eurac Research Bolzano
Avv. Giorgia Masina
Founder, DPO, Studio Legale Masina
Mr Massimiliano Masnada
Partner, Hogan Lovells
Mr Olivier Matter
Team Leader for International Cooperation, European Data Protection Supervisor
Ms Hannah Mayer
Senior Counsel, Office of Privacy and Civil Liberties, U.S. Department of Justice
Ms Kate McKenzie
Senior Counsel, US Department of Justice Office of Privacy and Civil Liberties
Ms Elsa Mein
Chair of the Committee of Convention 108, Council of Europe
Mr Stefano Mele
Partner, Gianni & Origoni
Ms Gabriela Mercuri
Managing Director, SCOPE Europe
Prof Andrea Minto
Professor, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
Ms Nathalie Mitton
Researcher, Inria
Mr Francesco Modafferi
Dirigente, Garante per la Protezione dei Dati Personali
Ms Karolina Mojzesowicz
Deputy Head of Data Protection Unit at European Commission, European Commission
Mr Cosimo Monda
Director, European Centre on Privacy and Cybersecurity (ECPC)
Mr Renato Monteiro
Global Head of Privacy - Global Data Protection Officer - Senior Legal Director, X
Mr Luigi Montuori
Director of Healthcare and Public Administration, Garante per la Protezione dei Dati Personali
Mr Massimo Monturano
Value Based Medicine & Health Risk Manager, IEO
Annan Mortensen
Senior Advisor to the Chief Privacy Officer, U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Mr Mario Mosca
Quaseer Mujawar
Group Product Manager, Ads Data Clean Room & Ads Trusted Execution Environment, Google
Mr Markus Müller
Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI)
Ms Deirdre Mulligan
Principal Deputy U.S. Chief Technology Officer, White House
Ms Carmen Muñoz del Arco
DPA, Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD)


Fabrice Naftalski
Attorney at Law Partner, Global Head of Data Protection Law Practice, Ernst & Young Société d'Avocats
Ms Awa N’Diaye
2nd Vice Chair, Commission de Protection des Donneés Personnelles (CDP)
Mr Massimiliano Nicotra
Digital Lawyer/ DPO/ Co-Founder of Legal Hackers, Legal Hackers
Dr Nóra Ní Loideáin
Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS), University of London, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS), University of London
Mr Alex Novikau
Chief Data Protection and Privacy Officer, UNHCR
Dr Gaja Nutini
Coordinatrice Generale, ISDIFOG - Istituto di Formazione Giuridica
Ann-Charlotte Nygard
Head of Sector Data and Digital, Justice, Digital and Migration unit, European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights


Mr Giangiacomo Olivi
Partner, Europe Co-Head of Intellectual Property, Data and Technology, Dentons Europe Studio Legale Tributario
Mr Waldemar Gonçalves Ortunho Júnior
Director President, National Data Protection Authority (ANPD)


Mr Yann Padova
Lawyer, Wilson Sonsini
José Paiva
Privacy Counsel, OneTrust
Mr Frank Pallas
Senior Researcher, TU Berlin
Mr Christos Panayi
Data Protection Specialist, WORLD FOOD PROGRAMME
Mr Rocco Panetta
Managing Partner, PANETTA
Dr Daniele Panfilo
Founder and CEO, AINDO
Ms Theodora Dragan Passamonti
Swiss Data Protection Officer, Pictet
Chanda Patel
Software Engineer, Ads Trusted Execution Environment, Google
Ms Teresa Patraquim da Conceição
Head of Privacy, Novartis
Ms Luana Patti
Garante per la Protezione dei Dati Personali
Mr Boris Paulin
DPO, Kering Global
Ms Sarah Pearce
Partner, Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP
Prof Leandro Pecchia
Professor, UniRoma
Prof Leandro Pecchia
Professore, Universita' Campus Bio-Medico di Roma
Ms Marija Pejčinović Burić
Secretary General, Council of Europe
Mr Enrico Pelino
GPA studio legale, GPA studio legale
Mr Joaquín Pérez Catalán
Senior Advisor, Spanish Data Protection Agency
Ms Nerea Peris Brines
Legal Officer, EDPB
Avv Angela Petraglia
Lawyer, Foro di Reggio Emilia
Mr Judicael Phan
DPO, Nodle and Five Lives
Prof Andy Phippen
Professor of Digital Rights, Bournemouth University
Mr Matteo Piazza
Chair, FSB’s Cross-Border Payments and Identifiers Working Group (CPDI)
Ms Alessandra Pierucci
Out Going Chair of the Consultive Commitee of Convention 108 on data protection, Garante per la Protezione dei Dati Personali
Dr José Luis Piñar
Professor of Administrative Law, CEU SAN PABLO UNIVERSITY OF MADRID
Ms Audrey Plonk
Deputy Director, OECD
Ms Alessandra Poggiani
Direttore Generale, CINECA
Ms Filomena Polito
Compliance Officer and Data Protection, APIHM
Prof Oreste Pollicino
Professor; Member, Bocconi University
Maria Grazia Porcedda
Assistant Professor in IT Law, Trinity College Dublin
Mr Giorgio Presepio
Data Protection Officer, Policlinico San Raffaele
Ms Erin Prest
Privacy and Civil Liberties Officer, FBI
Mr Eugenio Prosperetti
Vice-president of the Telemarketing Code of Conduct Monitoring Body, LUISS "Guido Carli University"
Ms Leire Arbona Puértolas
Legal and Compliance Director, Veridas


Adrian Quesada Rodríguez
Mandat International, Mandat International
Ms Elisabeth Quillatre
Compliance, Risk Management and Privacy Officer, Vinted
Ms Roberta Quintavalle
Data Protection Officer, Mediaset


Ms Renáta Radócz
European Centre for Certification and Privacy
Dr Philipp Raether
Group Chief Privacy Officer, Allianz SE
Prof Edoardo Raffiotta
Professor of Constitutional Law, University of Milan Bicocca
Mr Alan Raul
Partner / Lecturer on Law, Sidley Austin / Harvard Law School
Ms Florence Raynal
Global Data Protection Officer, Pernod Ricard
Prof. Avv. Ranieri Razzante
Member of the Strategic Committee for AI, Italian Presidency of the Council
Ms Emma Redmond
Head of Privacy and Data Protection, OpenAI
Ms Nathaly Rey
Global Head of Privacy Compliance, Google Cloud
Mr Tom Reynolds
Director for Economic Analysis, ICO
Prof Giovanni Maria Riccio
Professor / Partner, Studio Legale E-Lex
Ms Becky Richards
Chief, ODNI Civil Liberties, Privacy, and Transparency Office, Office of the Director of National Intelligence
Mr Andrea Rigoni
Managing Director - Global Government leader, Accenture Security
Ms Charlotte Riley
Security Leader
Mr Emanuele Riva
Vice General Manager, Director of Dept. of Certification and Inspection, ACCREDIA
Mr Nicolò Rivetti
Senior Officer, Agenzia per la Cybersicurezza Nazionale
Mr Joey Van Rixoort
Legal Counsel, Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (NL)
Mr Kazim Rizvi
Founding Director, The Dialogue
Ms Beatriz Rodriguez Gomez
Co-Chair, European Committee of the PrivacyRules Alliance
Ms Chiara Romano
Avv Chiara Ciccia Romito
Lawyer, Fondazione Marco Biagi
Ms Arianna Rossi
Research Scientist, University of Luxembourg
Ph.D., LL.M. Carlo Rossi Chauvenet
Partner at CRCLEX, Adjunct Professor at Università Bocconi, Chair of IOT and Privacy Center, CRCLEX
Mr Marc Rotenberg
President & Founder, Center for AI and Digital Policy
Mr Alexandre Roure
Head of Policy and Deputy Head of Office, CCIA Europe
Mr Brendan Rowan
Tech, Policy and Skills, BluSpecs
Ms Francesca Rubina Gaudino
Partner, Baker McKenzie’s Information Technology & Communications Group
Mr Davide Ruffo
Chief of Institutional Relations, AINDO Synthetic Data
Ms Silvia Ruggeri
Founder and Partner, Ruggeri Compliance
Dr Bettina Ryll
Founder, Melanoma Patient Network Europe


Prof Lucia Sacchi
Associate Professor, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale e Dell'informazione
Ms Sabrina Salmeri
Segretario, Circolo dei Giuristi Telematici
Mr Jarno Salonen
Senior Scientist, VTT Technical Research Center of FInland
Prof Marco Salvatore Nobile
Professor, Ca' Foscari University
Avv Federica Santinon
Lawyer, FIIF - Consiglio Nazionale Forense
Prof Teresa Scantamburlo
Assistant Professor, Ca' Foscari University of Venice
Dr Sachiko Scheuing
Chairwoman of Board at FEDMA, Axciom/FEDMA
Prof. Dr. Stefan Schiffner
Professor, BHH University of Applied Sciences
Marc Schlegel
Legal Officer, Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (BfDI)
Dr Sebastian Schneider
Head of Privacy and Digital Regulation, LEXR Law AG
Mr Marco Scialdone
Head of Litigation and Academic Outreach, Euroconsumers
Mr Guido Scorza
Member of the Board, Garante per la protezione dei dati personali - Italian Data Protection Supervisory Authority
Mr Lucio Scudiero
Avvocati Associati, Legance
Ms Maria Rita Sechi
Responsabile della Protezione dei Dati (DPO), Fondazione Policlinico Campus Bio- Medico di Roma
Mr Omar Seghrouchni
President, CNDP (Moroccan Data Protection Authority)
Mr Gilad Semama
Commissioner, Privacy Protection Authority
Mr Mandeep Sharma
Director, NSIRA
Ms Sara Sighinolfi
Programme Officer, Data and Digital, European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA)
Mr Edvardas Sileris
Head of European Cybercrime Center (EC3), Europol
Mr Robert Sindlinger
Director - Country Manager DACH, OneTrust
Ms Lucilla Sioli
Director for “Artificial Intelligence and Digital Industry”, Directorate-General CONNECT - European Commission
Ms Cristina Sirera
COLT, Colt Technology Services
Prof Andrea Sitzia
Associate Professor, Università di Padova
Geert Somers
Co-founder, Partner, Timelex
Mr Sebastian Sposito
Public Affairs Manager for Europe, Google
Ms Anna Squicciarini
Program Director in the SatC, National Science Foundation
Ms Marta Staccioli
Senior Legal Counsel, Google
Ms Theresa Stadler
Doctoral Assistant, EPFL
Prof Pasquale Stanzione
President, Garante per la Protezione dei Dati Personali
Dr Ciara Staunton
Senior Researcher, Eurac
Ms Silvia Stefanelli
Lawyer, Founder & Co-owner of Studio legale Stefanelli & Stefanelli, Clusit
Mr Pascal Steichen
Founder and CEO, Cybersecurity Made in LU
Prof Lauren Steinfeld
Adjunct Professor of Law & Chief Privacy Officer, University of Pennsylvania Medical Center
Prof Magdalena Stobinska
Professor of Quantum Information; CEO of levelQuantum s.r.l Milan, University of Warsaw
Dr Danie Strachan
Senior Privacy Counsel, VeraSafe
Mr Thomas D Stuck
Director of the Office of Civil Liberties, Privacy, and Transparency, NSA
Tanya Suarez
Board Member of AIOTI, Founder of IoT Tribe and CEO of BluSpecs, BlueSpecs/AIOTI
Dr Mira Suleimenova
Director of Compliance & Legal, JENTIS GmbH
Mr Dale Sunderland
Commissioner, Data Protection Commission
Mr Christian Svanberg
Attorney at Law & Partner, CO:PLAY LAW
Prof Peter Swire
Professor of Law and Ethics, Georgia Institute of Technology
Prof Olivier Sylvain
Professor, Fordham Law School
Ms Dijana Šinkūnienė
Director, State Data Protection Inspectorate of the Republic of Lithuania


Dr Anu Talus
Chair, EDPB Office of DP Ombudsman
Mr Spiros Tassis
Mattia Tempini
Policy Officer, EC DG Justice
Prof Donrich Thaldar
Professor of Law, University of KwaZulu-Natal
Ms Cécile Théard-Jallu
Partner at De Gaulle Fleurance, Co-Chair of the Healthcare & Life Sciences Law Committee of the IBA, De Gaulle Fleurance
Mr Vincenzo Tiani
Partner at PANETTA, PhD Researcher at the VUB, Brussels Privacy Hub
Mr Nino Tlapak
Partner, DORDA
Mr Yiannos Tolias
Legal Lead AI and AI Liability in Healthcare, European Commission
Mr Vincent Toubiana
Head of LINC, CNIL
Ms Annalisa Trama
Director of the Evaluative Epidemiology Unit, Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori - Milano
Mr Roberto Trasarti
Senior Researcher at Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, SoBigData
Mr Carmine Andrea Trovato
Legal Advisor to the Vice President, Garante per la Protezione dei Dati Personali
Vasiliki Tsiompanidou
Legal Researcher, European Centre for Certification and Privacy
Mr Ioan-Dragoș Tudorache
Member, Co-Rapporteur on EU AI Act, European Parliament
Ms Martina Turola
Head of Communications and Advocacy, The Good Lobby


Ms Sarah Ungaro
Lawyer & Senior Consultant, ANORC
Ms Sanja Unković
Deputy Commissioner for Data Protection, Serbian Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection


Mr Giuseppe Vaciago
Founder and Partner at LT42, Professor of Data Ethics and Data Protection, 42 Law Firm
Mr Alessandro Vallega
Senior Partner at Rexilience S.r.l., Clusit Community for Security
Mr Félicien Vallet
Head of AI department at the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL), CNIL
Mr Valéry Vander Geeten
Head of Legal Department, Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium
Mr Thomas van der Valk
Privacy Policy Manager of EMEA, Meta
Mr Patrick Van Eecke
Partner, Cooley LLP
Mr Rob van Eijk
Managing Director for Europe, Future of Privacy Forum
Ms Christina Varytimidou
Data Protection Manager, MyData-TRUST
Mr Alessandro Vasta
Artificial Intelligence ASSO DPO Group Coordinator; Lawyer and Partner at Tonucci & Partners, Asso dpo
Ms Alisa Vekeman
Policy Officer, EC DG Justice
Alberto Veneri
Ph.D. Student, Ca' Foscari University of Venice
Ms Isabelle Vereecken
Head of EDPB Secretariat, EDPB
Ms Siham Vidard
Ms Marianna Vintiadis
Partner Forensic Investigations & Intelligence, RSM
Mr Steven Vosloo
Digital Foresight and Policy Specialist, UNICEF Innocenti
Mr Zdravko Vukić
Director, Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency


Mr Michael Wehowsky
Data Protection Consultant, IITR Datenschutz GmbH
Mr Pierre Westphal
Information Security and Europrivacy Business Manager, SGS ICS
Dr Thorsten Wetzling
Lead "Digital Rights, Surveillance, and Democracy" Unit, Interface (previously SNV Berlin)
Mr Alexander White
Privacy Commissioner, Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Bermuda
Mr Robin Wilton
Director for Internet Trust, Internet Society
Mr Peter Winn
Chief Privacy and Civil Liberties Officer, Office of Privacy and Civil Liberties
Mr Jörn Wittmann
Head of Privacy Legislative Strategy & Public Affairs, Volkswagen Group
Mr Volker Wodianka
Founder & CEO, Wodianka Privacy Lawyers & Wodianka Privacy Legal GmbH


Dr Rafael Yuste
Professor of Biological Sciences and Neuroscience, Co­Director of the Kavli Institute of Brain Science and Director of the NeuroTechnology Center (NTC), Columbia University


Dr Andreas Zavadil
Head of the GDPR Codes of Conduct and Certification Department, Austrian DPA
Sébastien Ziegler
Chair of the Privacy Symposium, Mandat International / ECCP
Ms Thea Ziegler
Board Member, Mandat International
Ms Selina Zipponi
Chair of Digital Health Committee COCIR, Global Data Protection Officer at Dedalus, COCIR/Dedalus Group
Ms Fabiana Zollo
Associate Professor, Ca' Foscari University of Venice
Prof Elisabetta Zuanelli
Docens Turris Virgatae, Emeritus

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