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International Data Protection Certification: Building Trust in Compliance Beyond Borders

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3:20 PM, Wednesday 12 Jun 2024 (50 minutes)
Break   04:00 PM to 04:30 PM (30 minutes)
International Cooperation


While several mechanisms exist to support international data transfers, certification is characterized by a higher level of trustability. Contrary to SCCs, for instance, a certification relies on effective third-party audit and validation by qualified experts. It ensures that data is effectively adequately handled without having to cross borders. This session will discuss the recent developments in international data protection certifications, such as Europrivacy and Global CBPR, as well as explore the potential to further develop these mechanisms and to overcome heterogeneous regulatory frameworks of jurisdictions. 

Key questions and objectives 

  • What are the latest developments in international certification of data protection compliance?  
  • What are the key benefits of obtaining international data protection certifications for organizations operating in a multinational environment? 
  • How do international data protection certification frameworks differ in their aims, requirements, and applicability?  
  • What is the role of third-party certification bodies in the validation and maintenance of international data protection certifications?  

My Session Status

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