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Post-quantum Data Protection

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9:00 AM, Wednesday 12 Jun 2024 (45 minutes)
Ca' Dolfin - Aula Magna
Innovative Technologies


The right to private communication is enshrined in several international treaties in the telecommunication, human rights, and humanitarian law domains. Quantum technology is expected to be soon able to uncypher encrypted communications. It poses a threat on conventional encryption methods and will constitute a major blow on confidentiality and privacy of electronic communications. Communication that is considered confidential can already be collected and stored to break into them at a later stage when the technology will be mature and ready for it. In this session, experts will discuss this paradigm shift and explore the next generation of post-quantum cryptographic solutions designed to withstand quantum attacks. They will also navigate through the complexities of quantum-resistant encryption, exploring the latest breakthroughs and real-world implications shaping the future of secure data transmission. It will conclude by sharing some practical guidance and recommendations to address this new risk to privacy. 

Key questions and objectives 

  • What are the risks posed by quantum computing to traditional encryption algorithms and privacy? 
  • What role do the regulatory authorities and industry play in guiding the adoption of post-quantum standards? 
  • How can data controllers and data subjects address this paradigm shift? 

My Session Status

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