Micro Technic

Micro Technic: The natural partner for Danish IT companies

“We are more than a supplier of electronics. We are a partner”

In Micro Technic, closeness is crucial. Proximity to customers. And internally in the physical electronics manufacturer.

“We have more than 40 years of experience in designing electronics. We have the right employees to deliver the right functionality to our customers, whether they are start-ups or companies with many years behind them. And we can do this at Micro Technic, partly because production and development work closely together,” says Frank Max Laursen, CEO of Micro Technic.

Keeping costs down

In Micro Technic, the production manager has his desk almost 10 meters away from his colleagues in the development department.

"In less than no time, they know if there will be problems in producing a product they are working on. The employees in production and development are constantly sparing,” says Frank Max Laursen.

Often before a piece of electronics is ready for production, Micro Technics employees test how it will be to produce. This is crucial to produce as the lowest cost as possible.

“So, when we are ready for the actual production, the product has already been tested several times. And it is both time and money that you save. At the same time, we can automate production as much as possible, so that we can produce the products to prices that are on the same level as our competitors in e.g. Eastern Europe, India or China,” says Frank Max Laursen.

On the market faster

But it also has other benefits for customers. The close cooperation between development and production makes it possible to supply electronics that customers can work on with.

“When our customers have put a lot of effort into developing a new product, it is important to quickly get the hardware that one can develop software for. In some cases, our customers have to test and refine their technology at their customers or other partners,” says Frank Max Laursen.

The close interaction between development and production - both together with customers and internally in Micro Technic - is one of the main reasons why Micro Technic can effectively compete with companies in Eastern Europe or China.

“We are more than a supplier of electronics. We are a partner that our customers can count on,” says Frank Max Laursen.

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