The opportunities created by technology are endless. However, societies are still struggling to get long-lasting value out of it, contributing to local priorities. How do we ensure that technology respects our privacy, enables us to live in a more sustainable way and helps us lead a happier life? It has become clear that we need to rethink and improve our development of technology in order to create better living conditions for people.

For this reason, we created SynchroniCity, opening up a global market, where cities and businesses develop IoT- and AI-enabled services through pilots to improve the lives of citizens and grow local economies.By transforming the technical foundation of IoT services, SynchroniCity breaks down the market barriers isolating city-based digital markets in Europe and beyond.

For two years, the coordinated activity of the SynchroniCity community took bold steps in the establishment of a common technical foundation for all participating cities, based on the Open & Agile Smart Cities and Communities principles, nudging booming IoT markets together and setting up standards that can be used easily across smart cities and communities.

As we move into our third year, the time has come to open up the market and help businesses of all sizes to compete transparently and easily scale their products and solutions into new contexts.

Meet us at booth no. 18

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