Kapacity A/S

Meet Kasper! He has a lemonade stand and like all other businessmen, he faces challenges. They are hard to solve. How many lemons should he buy? How should he segment his customers? And how should he sort emails from customers in order not to drown in work? There is a solution: AI.
If Kasper’s challenges sound familiar you have to meet Kapacity as well!
We would like to cover your company’s AI foundation: data basis, IT setup and competencies. And in cooperation with you find where the AI potentials lie in your company.
And don't worry: Even though we talk about AI as a strategic focus in the company, our strategy is: start small and strive for early success. It is about being able to quickly visualize the value and then build on top of it.
The trivial facts: Kapacity is among the leading Business Analytics actors in Denmark and we focus hard on AI.
We are about 90 employees in offices in Aarhus, Kolding, and Copenhagen.

Meet us in booth no. 36

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