Get the essential IoT building blocks

Next IoT from Pedabcreates the business foundation that makes companies adopt technology to make their products intelligent. It's about adding even more value to customers, achieving increased productivity, and enabling new business models. We inspire and challenge your strategy, give you advice on the essential IoT building blocks and help you turn technology and solutions into intelligent products through an ecosystem of IoT partners.

Meet APX10, Mobilepeople, Mjølner, Onomondo and Pedab and learn how to gather, optimize and analyse data from “things” using sensors. Learn about IoT connectivity and how to exchange data from “things” via GSM networks, blockchain, wireless and 4/5G connections and learn how to get high-end embedded user interfaces for your devices and Internet of Things solutions. Pedab gives you advice and help facilitate the process and ties the right building blocks together for you.

Meet us at booth no. 66 & 67!

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