Jose Miguel Landeta

Technology Transfer Manager

Jose Miguel Landeta holds an Executive MBA and a MSc in Telecommunications Engineering, and is a passionate about innovation, with his whole life dedicated to Research and Development in different Research Technological Centers.

At this moment he is the coordinator of Technology Transfer of the technologies developed within the ICT-IoT related research units in IK4-TEKNIKER, and the CEO of Dinitel 2000 S.A., a Domotics or Home Automation company which was created in 1993 from the technologies developed by IK4-TEKNIKER.

Always looking for innovative companies to work with them to improve their products or services in order to be more competitive than the competence, new partnerships to develop new and innovative products, or any other type of collaboration which can lead to a business opportunity related with technological innovations.

During his career he has worked as researcher at IK4-Ikerlan participating in several projects related with domotics, digital TV (DVB) and multimedia broadcasting and collaborated in the development of a new methodology to design high reliability embedded systems for critical applications. Since 2008 working at IK4-TEKNIKER as researcher in the areas of high performance embedded systems, centralized and distributed control systems, Wireless and wired communications and Wireless Sensor Networks, where he collaborated in several industrial and research projects. And since 2017 in the actual position described above.