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Blockchain – A Connected Commercial Business

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11:15 AM, Thursday 20 Jun 2019 (1 hour 15 minutes)
IoT Market & Business Models

Blockchain and IoT make it possible for connected devices to send data in shared transactions with immutable records – without the need for central control and management. But how mature is the blockchain technology? And what is the best way for companies to get started?

Design will play a major role in ensuring that these disruptive technologies make sense to users and create value for businesses. We will need to carefully design and co-create tomorrow’s solutions to achieve real and lasting impact.

This session will give you hands-on advice on how to determine if blockchain, IoT and other technologies are right for you. It’s time to stop talking about the potential and start building meaningful solutions.

In this session you will also hear how IoT connectivity’s role in the value chain can affect the overall complexity of building innovative IoT blockchain solutions. 

  • How can connected devices send data in shared transactions with immutable records – without burdening devices or the need for central control and management?
  • What role does network design play in the optimisation of blockchain solutions and hardware design?
  • How can you lower the barrier to begin experimenting with the combination of IoT and blockchain use cases?

Also you will learn how smart network design and iterative design methodology can work together to shorten time to market for IoT blockchain solutions and increase your odds of success.

My Session Status

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