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FAQ for attending SEEC

  • How do I create my schedule?

If you are a SEEC veteran, you’ll find that we are using the same scheduling software that we’ve had for the past few years. The process of creating your schedule is also the same.

If you are new to SEEC, when accessing the site, you should find yourself on a page that has a navigation bar at the top.

Click on “SCHEDULE” to see all of the available sessions and activities to which you have access. Select the day you want to view, scroll through the options for the day, and add the sessions you’d like to attend to your schedule by pressing the “Add” button in the upper right-hand corner of each session.

To see all of the sessions you’ve added, select “MY SCHEDULE” on the navigation bar.

Many of the sessions require that you sign up before you can join through the Zoom link. Clicking the “Add” button will bring up a prompt for any sessions that require sign-ups. Also, the Zoom link will only appear when the session is about to start.

  • What is the best browser to use? 
Google chrome or explorer will work well. We do not recommend using Safari.

  • Will the sessions be recorded? Will I have access to the sessions after they’ve ended?

Yes, we will be recording all of the sessions as well as the keynotes. Once processed, we will place the recordings back in the session link on Grenadine, so you’ll be able to access them the same way you accessed the session originally for one year. Please allow up to 24 hours for the recordings to appear in Grenadine.

Registered participants will be able to access the recordings for up to a year.

  • How do you join a session now that they are all virtual?

15 minutes before a session is set to begin, the Zoom button will appear in the session details on Grenadine. Click the button, and you’ll be taken to a Zoom page. Follow the instructions from Zoom, and you’ll be granted access to the session.

  • What is the difference between the “Heart” and “Plus” symbols for the sessions?

Most of our sessions have maximum occupancy. These sessions will require sign-ups and will have the “Plus” symbol in the upper right-hand corner. Our keynote addresses and other scheduled events with no maximum occupancy will have a “Heart” in place of the “Plus”.

  • Should I attend the conference on a mobile device or on a computer?

Space Center Houston recommends that you experience this conference on a computer. Benefits of connecting via a computer include:

Using a larger screen will make it easier to see everything that’s going on. In addition, you may be able to hook your computer up to a television.

  • There will be links for evaluations that will automatically appear during sessions that will be harder to access from a mobile device.

Zoom has less functionality on a mobile device, so it’ll be harder to participate in interactive sessions.

If you do decide to join through a mobile device, you’ll find the Grenadine app on the Android and Apple stores. Use the code “SEEC2021” to find the conference.

  • If I need help troubleshooting, where should I go?

We have created a “Help Desk” lounge just for helping people navigate the conference. First, select the “LOUNGES” button in the navigation bar. The “Help Desk” lounge is at the top of the lounges list. Once selected, you’ll see a button that will take you to a Zoom room where you will be able to ask your questions.

  • What is taking place in the lounges?

There are a few different types of lounges available throughout the conference. The “Help Desk” lounge is designed to provide assistance and to respond to questions. In addition, there are lounges dedicated for tours that can be accessed at any time.

One of the major benefits of SEEC is the ability to interact with fellow attendees sharing a passion for space exploration and education. To facilitate this, we will have several networking lounges available.

  • What is Lunch with an Astronaut?

Lunch with an Astronaut is an opportunity to interact with an astronaut in a casual networking experience. For information about how to participate, click the link here:

  • Is there a SEEC store this year?

Yes, we have a SEEC Store for all of the SEEC merchandise as well as our Space Traders store, which sells items that you can buy from Space Center Houston year-round. Both can be accessed by clicking the “EVENT INFORMATION” button on the navigation bar.

  • How is the Banquet going to work this year?

The banquet, as in years, past will offer a chance to socialize with attendees and have some fun. We will begin by welcoming our guests and then announce the Cherri Brinley Outstanding Educator Award. Following this, attendees are invited to join any of our themed Zoom rooms.

  • Will we be able to chat and ask questions during the sessions?

Interactive sessions, be them in person or virtual, set SEEC apart from many conferences. By using Zoom we hope to make the sessions as interactive as possible. There will be a chat box in every session, and our presenters also have the ability to invite you to raise your hand and ask your questions.

  • Will we be able to chat with other attendees outside of the sessions?

There are a few ways to chat with other attendees outside of sessions. First, after a session is concluded and the recordings are added to Grenadine, a chatbox and Q&A will appear as well so the conversation about the session can continue.

Second, if you’d like to chat with a specific attendee, that can be done by selecting the “ATTENDEES” button on the navigation bar and then clicking on the chat icon next to the attendee you’d like to chat with. The Attendee list is alphabetized by the last name. Once you’ve started a conversation, the attendee will receive a notification, and they’ll be able to respond using the “Messaging” box at the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

We also encourage you to meet up with friends in the lounges we’ve set aside for this precise purpose. Coordinate through the “Messaging” feature, then join a lounge and meet face to face (so to speak…).

Lastly, you have the ability to post in the Event Chat. To access the Event Chat, locate and select the Messaging feature at the bottom right-hand corner of the website. If you select the “Event” tab, any message you send can be seen by everyone attending the conference.

  • What if I don’t want anyone to chat with me or see my personal information?

You have full control over how much information other attendees can see, and you can turn off the chat feature for yourself at any time. These features are controlled from your settings area. Click on your profile picture in the upper right-hand corner, and select “My Settings”.You can change specific information on your profile by selecting “My Profile”. But if you want everything to be private, your privacy controls are under the“My Settings” tab on the left-hand side of the page:

  • When should I fill out session evaluations?

Evaluations will be made available at the end of every session. For the most accurate responses, we ask that you complete the evaluations as soon as you can, but you will be able to complete them at any time after the session is over.

  • Is there an overall conference evaluation?

Yes. After the conference, a link will be sent to you to tell us about your experience during SEEC.

  • When will we receive our Professional Development certificates?

Professional Development certificates will be sent out after the conference is over. To make sure your name is on the list, fill out the request form in the Event Information section. You will be asked to list sessions that you attended. 

SEEC Attendee FAQ