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Paul Abell
Chief Scientist for Small Body Exploration, NASA - Johnson Space Center
Isaac Akin-Olamigoke
Oke Iragbiji Grammar School
Yo Akira
math teacher, Seikei junior high school
Rachel Allard
Senior Direction of Curriculum and Instruction, Project Lead the Way, Inc
Kellie Arenz
Teacher, Mukwonago Area School District- Park View Middle School


Margaret Baguio
Program Manager, NASA Texas Space Grant Consortium
Brian Banker
NASA - Johnson Space Center
Ms. Alicia Baturoni Cortez
Office of STEM Engagement Embed to Human Spaceflight Mission Directorates, National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Eman Beck
Science Faculty, NASA OKSG STELLAR Mentor, Terra Verde Discovery School (Norman, OK)
Dr Caroline Beghein PhD
Associate Professor, UCLA
Ronald Ben
NASA Education Coordinator, NASA - JSC Office of STEM Engagement
Doris Biegler
Technology Trainer, Lawton Public Schools
Beth Bivens
5th Grade Teacher, Galileo STEM Academy
Mrs. Courtney Black
Education Project Manager, ISS US National Lab
Scott Black
NASA Education Coordinator, NASA
Laura Blanton
National Air & Space Museum
Allison Bott
NASA - Oklahoma State University
Dave Brown
Space Center Houston Education[Retired)
Mr Mark Brown
Educational Public Outreach Specialist, NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador


Mr. Bruce Callow
Teacher /author, Costa Rica Institute of Technology /Universidad del Valle de Guatemala Publishing House
Elise Campbell
Teacher, Itasca Area Schools Collaborative, MN
Jenni Campbell
Campus Content Instructional Specialist , Goodson MS
Angela Case
Program Coordinator, Space Center Houston
Joelle Clark
Director, Center for Science Teaching and Learning
Helen Cohen
Baylor College of Medicine Department of Otolaryngology
Vered Cohen Barzilay
Founder Direcror , Out of the Box
Katie Conrad - Belloli
Innovation Specialist, Westfield Intermediate School
Alexis Cormier
Southern Nazarene University
Colin Creager
NASA Glenn Research Center


Debra Derham
JSC Office of STEM Engagement
Jenn Donais
K-8 STEM Coach | PAEMST 2016 | AFA/Rolls Royce 3rd Place National Teacher of the Year | Google Coach | PLTW Launch Lead Teacher | ST Math Champion, Amesbury public schools
Lynn Dotson
Education Specialist Next Gen STEM, NASA Office of STEM Engagement- Guardians of Honor (GoH)-Aetos
sally doyle
Visual Arts Coordinator, Spring Branch ISD
Thomas Drummond
Chief Operating Officer, Orion's Quest
Denise Duke
NASA Lab Teacher, Forest Lake Elementary


Mrs. Barbara Erdberg Erdberg
STEM 5 Math Teacher, Barber Middle School
Mr. Brian Ewenson
Executive Director, Spaceport Sheboygan


Suzanne Foxworth
Science Communication and Engagement, JACOBS @NASA Johnson Space Center
Kathleen Fredette
Director of STEAM Initiatives, iLEAD CA Charter Schools
Susan Freeman
ISS Mimic STEM Education Project
Dr. Ann Friedman
Psychologist and Mindfulness Facilitator, Mindful Being
Phyllis Friello
Education Manager, Space Center Houston
Manabu Fujita
Teacher, Okayama prefectural Tamano high schoool


Angelica Garcia
ER7- Robotics and Simulation
Samuel Garcia
Education Specialist, Kennedy Space Center
Emily Gibbs
National Federation of the Blind of Texas
Jill Gilford
Science Teacher, Equitable Education Solutions
Sareta Gladson
AFA StellarXplorers
Jeff Gonyea
Director, U.S. Air Force Academy Planetarium
Paige Graff
Science Engagement and Communication Specialist, JACOBS@NASA Johnson Space Center
Mrs. Christine Graham
6th Grade Science Teacher, Cockrill Middle School
Eileen Grzybowski
Science Teacher, Norman Public Schools
Helena Guidry
NASA Oklahoma Space Grant Consortium


Rachael Hale
Space Center Houston
Gerrie Hall
Director, School & Teacher Programs, Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
Lorie Hammerstrom
informal educator, Quincy Public Schools
Kaci Heins
Education Director, Space Center Houston
Ashley Henry
M.S. in K-12 Education, NASA OKSG STELLAR Alumni/Mentor, CPS 5th grade Teacher, NASA Oklahoma Space Grant Consortium
Van Herd
Director, Network of Educator Astronaut Teachers
Ann Hernandez
Director of Leadership Programs and Inclusion, Space Center Houston
Justin Hickey
Physics/Astronomy Teacher, Episcopal High School


Amy Medina ISS Mimic EDU
CTE Teacher, ISS MIMIC EDU / Odyssey Academy


Meghan Jacquot
IT Support and STEM Educator, Yeshiva of Greater Washington
Chaka Jaliwa
Education Specialist, Space Center Houston
Steve Jones
Astronomy, Physics, Science Research Teacher, FCS Innovation Academy


Fred Kepner
NASA - Southeast Regional Office
Dan Klein
What Comes Next LLC
Akiko Kojima
SEEC Crew / Elementary School Teacher, Takashi Elementary School
Angela Krause-Kuchta
Director of Education, Orion’s Quest
Olivia Kuper
Science Teacher, North Greene High School
Gina Kwid
2nd Grade Teacher, Galileo STEM Academy


Mr. LeRoy Davis Larry, Jr. Jr.
Director, Natural Physics Global Outreach
Argy Leyton
Retired, NASA-JPL Solar System Ambassador
Nicole Lunning
NASA - Johnson Space Center


Justin Maenner
STEM Designer, Jerry Knight STEM Academy, Mansfield ISD
Lauren Maples
NASA - Johnson Space Center
Jenny Mccall
6-8th PLTW Teacher, SEEC Crew, Limitless Educator, Fayette County Public Schools
Amanda McCue
Science Specialist, Crowley ISD
Michael McGlone
NASA Education Coordinator, NASA/NSPACE
Stephanie McMahon
Accessibility Consultant, Northern Arizona University Center for STEM Teaching and Learning/PLANETS
Delaney Meade
University of Oklahoma
Miranda Meadows
2nd Grade Teacher, Hillsboro Charter Academy
Mrs. Sue Mercer
Program Manager, Civil Air Patrol
Celena Miller
Senior Outreach/Education Coordinator, SEEC Crew - Center for Space Research
Reid Mills
Space Center Houston
Doug Ming
NASA - Johnson Space Center
Darcelle Mitchell
NASA Education Coordinator, NSPACE
Delinda Mock
Curriculum Specialist, Cypress Fairbanks ISD
Michelle Mohrweis
Space Education Specialist, Space Foundation
Dr Estelle-Marie Montgomery
Principal, Founder, Globaleyez Consulting
Javier Montiel
International STEAM consultant/ SEEC CREW, The International Aerospace Academy
Patricia Moore
Moon to Mars Program Office Direct Engagement Integration Manager , NASA's Exploration Systems Development Mission Directorate
Angela Moran
USNA/ Engineers On Deck
Alejandro Mundo
Kingsbridge International HS & NASA GISS
Bryan Murphy
SpaceFlight Engineer, ISS Mimic STEM Education Project
Terri Mynatt
Teacher, Yukon Flats School District


Jimmy Newland
Physics and Astronomy Teacher and PhD Student in Physics Education, Bellaire High School/University of Houston
Laurie Newman
Education Event Coordinator, Space Center Houston
Daniel Newmyer
Vice President of Education, Space Center Houston
Ellisha T. Newton, M. Ed.
Teacher, Spring Independent School District
Dr. Molly Nipper
STEM Teacher, SEEC Crew, Space Foundation Teacher Liaison, Spring Branch ISD- Bendwood School


Laurie Orth
Chief Music Officer, Laurie Orth Music Teacher
Jim Oswald
Space Center Houston


Sanjay Pandey
Director, Commercial and Strategic Development, Occidental Petroleum Corporation
Kelly Parente
Teacher, Salyards MS
Lauren Parker
Teacher, SEEC Crew, Fort Worth Academy
John Patrick
Education Coordinator, NASA
Max Max Gheraldo Pérez Mendoza Mendoza
Profesor STEAM de areas de Ciencia y Tecnología , Escuela Secundaria Técnica 31
Patrick Petty
Mission Support Specialist, NASA - Johnson Space Center
Mrs. Dianea Phillips
Owner, Science Yourself! NO G's About It!
Greg Pitonza
Middle School Technology and STEM Teacher, Canajoharie Middle School
Abigail Pope
Oklahoma State University
Melissa Pore
STEM Club Mentor and Global Studies Faculty, Bishop O'Connell High School
James Putman
Science Teacher (secondary), The Motivation to Learn


Sarah Quasny
Flight Operations, NASA


Heidi Ragsdale
STEM Educator Consultant & National Geographic Grantee, National Geographic Society
Shannon Raleigh
Strategic Communications, NASA Space Launch System
Ms. Mallika Raman Raman
Upper Science Educator, The John Thomas Dye School
Dorinda Risenhoover
Education Coordinator, NASA OKSG
Lori Rubino-Hare
Professional Development Coordinator, Northern Arizona University Center for STEM Teaching and Learning/PLANETS
Valerie Rudderforth
Middle School Project Lead the Way Teacher, Saint Paul Public Schools
Tunisia Russell
Middle Grade Science Educator
Shannon Ryan
5th Grade Teacher, Albuquerque Public Schools; Milken Educator NM'14


Emrene Sadek
Senior Education Lead, Space Center Houston
Jessica Sain
NASA Education Coordinator, NASA - Johnson Space Center
Dr. Andre Samuel
Founder, Pres. & CEO, The Citizen Science Lab
Twila Schneider
Outreach Communications Specialist, NASA Space Launch System
Mr Jamie Semple
NASA Education Specialist, NASA Office of STEM Engagement
Craig Shannon
NASA - Johnson Space Center
Mark Shelhamer
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Catherine Shelton
Education Specialist, NASA - Southeast Regional Office
Lori Shoupe
Navigator Academy of Leadership Davenport
Bailey Silk
Science and Math Teacher, Wewoka Middle School
Nathan Silver
Baylor College of Medicine
Rosemary Smith
STEM Engagement Specialist, NASA
Steven Smith
Education Specialist, Johnson Space Center
Rachael Stephenson
Space Center University Coordinator, Space Center University
Michael Stevens
Museum Educator, Intrepid Museum
Stacey Stevenson
5th & 6th STEM Educator and GT Coordinator, NASA Oklahoma Space Grant Consortium
Lisa Stewart
Gifted Education Teacher, SEEC CREW
Steven Swanner
Space Center University Assistant, Space Center Houston Education


Takuo Takarada
physics teacher, Ikuno high school
Dr. Kellie Taylor
2nd and 3rd Grade Teacher, Hawthorne Elementary School - Boise School District
Laura Teatsworth
STEM Teacher, Barber Middle School
Rebekah Tee
Visual Arts Teacher, Spring Branch ISD
Nichole Thomas
Aerospace Educator, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
Mrs. Kayla Thornhill
STEM Facilitator and NASA OKSG Mentor, Jenks Middle School
Nathan Tubbs
STEAM Teacher; Homeschool Dad; Chaplain, SEEC CREW; PS/IS 30; Space Launch Delta 45
Megan Tucker
Nat’l Aviation Hall of Fame Crossfield TOY 2023 | Limitless Space Institue Educator-LS1 | Nat’l AFA STEM TOY 2021 | Dean of Curriculum | STEAM Specialist | Gifted Specialist I Instructional Facilitator | NASA SOFIA AAA | National CAP TOY 2011, Hillsboro Charter Academy


Emmanuel Urquieta
Assistant Professor/Deputy Chief Scientist, Baylor College of Medicine/TRISH


Mary Vandergraff
Education Programs Coordinator - Space U, Space Center Houston Education Dept
Jakarda Varnado
NASA Johnson Space Center
Mrs Melinda Viteri
Aerospace Educator , Royal Aeronotical Society / Aviation Youth Mentoring Program


Catherine Walker
Education Program Coordinator, Space Center Houston
Kate Watson
Curriculum Integration Coordinator, Anoka Hennepin ISD#11
Roger Weiss
Technical Integration Lead, NASA-International Space Station (HSFTIC)
Crystal Williams
Oklahoma State University - Johnson Space Center
Joseph Williams
NASA Aeronautics and Space Administration
Dr Craig Wilson
USDA/ARS & Texas A&M College of Science
LTC John Wilson III
NASA Education Coordinator, NSPACE
Krystal Winters
NASA Education Specialist, NSTEM
Jared Woodfill
Johnson Space Center
Ms. Denise Wright
STEM Educator, Ocean Bay Middle


Jill Y
Smithsonian Institution
Kacera Yoes
Science Educator/NASA OSGC Ambassador, Yukon Middle School
Bill Yucuis
Chief, Academics and Training, AFA StellarXplorers


Aziz Zahraoui
Mathematics Teacher, Portsmouth Public Schools

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