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Join us for this singular event within the workshop week of GeoIgnite

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GeoIgnite , and Peggy March, Paul VanZant, Dr. Lynn Moorman, Dr. Gordon Osinski, Dave MacLean, Dr. Trevor Bell, Jonathan Murphy, and Ewan Geddes, all Fellows of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, in conjunction with Canadian Geographic Education , invite you to this event. The purpose is to showcase and raise awareness of what is currently taking place on a number of different levels by sharing the work of remarkable individuals who are instructing and inspiring others to further our goals.

The ‘Geo’ Community

We all belong to communities. The ‘geo’ community, because of the nature of geography and the geosciences, is one of infinite possibilities. As life-long learners, we expand our horizons through natural curiosity and by examining our world through a variety of lenses. From birth, our innate awareness of space, and our desire to understand its mysteries, launches us on a wonderous and ever-expanding journey of exploration and discovery.

How far we have progressed as a species has been shaped by an array of factors. Our present existence is increasingly dependent on geospatial technology and a vast interconnected network.

This has not happened in isolation, but through cooperation on many levels: societal, educational, governmental and non-governmental organizations, research, business and industry.

Facilitating and nurturing our ‘geo’ community requires awareness, support and active participation by everyone striving to make this a better planet for all humankind. Our degree of engagement and involvement will ultimately determine the success or failure of our efforts.

Sub Committee Members

Jon Murphy

Peggy March

Lynn Moormann

Paul VanZant (Chair, Canadian Geographic Education)

Canadian Perspectives: The Power of Geospatial Literacy for Space, Earth Observation, and Education