Discuss the role of buildingSMART Canada & the Municipal Infrastructure Council

1:25 PM, Friday 30 Apr 2021 EDT (30 minutes)
  Virtual session
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Municipalities in Canada manage over 60% of public infrastructure. They are the hub of activity in infrastructure spending and engaged in every facet of infrastructure construction. Most municipalities have developed, to varying degrees based on their size, centralized data and technology capabilities with more advanced municipalities implementing enterprise level data and technology environments. CAD, Mapping and GIS data interoperability efforts have been ongoing for some time. Open data and systems are the desired outcome. With the advent of BIM in construction design it was only a matter of time before BIM, and particularly BIM data, would become a player in the municipal geospatial data enterprise.

buildingSMART Canada, as the Canadian Chapter of buildingSMART International, is tasked with promoting BIM adoption and Open BIM Data Standards in Canada. buildingSMART International and the Open Geospatial Consortium in partnership with the geospatial industry have been actively engaged in GIS and BIM interoperability. In addition, BIM Standards for linear infrastructure are in development around the world. To assist municipalities in Canada with BIM adoption and standards, buildingSMART Canada has implemented the Municipal Infrastructure Council Program. The talk will be on buildingSMART Canada’s role, its purpose, and efforts in implementing the Municipal Infrastructure Council Program in support of vertical and linear BIM initiatives.

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