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CUF: Canada's Underground Infrastructure Mapping Forum

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Without accurate maps of underground infrastructure, every construction project runs a significant risk of schedule and budget overruns and causing injuries and fatalities to workers and the public.

GEOFF ZEISS – Organizer of CUF

Underground utility damage also represents a drag of billions of dollars on the Canadian economy. Unlike the aviation industry where reliable data is collected and is accessible to investigators to prevent other disasters from happening in the future, there is limited access to data about the location of underground infrastructure and the data that is accessible is often inaccurate, out-of-date and incomplete.

Knowing the location of underground energy infrastructure is critical for national security, for disaster planning and management, for public safety and for economic efficiency.

Geoff Zeiss

Important work worth billions of dollars

Statistics show that in Canada the annual number of incidents of underground damage during construction is flat or slowly increasing. In the last few years public and private organizations around the world are beginning to implement policies, procedures and technologies to reduce underground utility damage during excavation. Recent ground breaking innovations in detection and mapping are now making it possible to detect, capture and share survey-grade location information about underground infrastructure among construction stakeholders.

Innovators in underground detection

At this forum Canadians will have the opportunity to hear speakers from the leading innovators in underground detection and mobile and cloud solutions for reality capture and data sharing and from governments and regulators who are implementing policies that are dramatically changing how location information about underground infrastructure is captured and shared.

CUF: Forum sur la cartographie des infrastructures souterraines du Canada - En anglais seulement