Digitalizing Utility Construction Crews - The Last Gap in the Design>Construction>GIS Workflow

11:25 AM, vendredi 30 avr. 2021 EDT (30 minutes)
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In an era of growing utility digital transformation, why do utilities still collect construction as-built data with paper? Grid transformation requires utilities to manage data from source to consumer in a 100% digital manner. But, utilities have spent decades and millions of dollars on digital design, GIS and ADMS only to end up with digital bookends around a paper field process. The result - long cycle-times, manual project close-out, inaccurate facility maps and poor grid data. This session will explore why as-builting remains paper-based today and discuss a digital construction solution that stitches together existing technologies to enhance safety, improve grid data and create the elusive Digital Twin utilities need. A customer case study with tangible benefits and lessons learned will also be presented.

Vice President of Business Development