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Water & IoT (Part II)

International Cooperation & SDGsWater Day
3:15 PM, Tuesday 18 Jun 2019 (1 hour 35 minutes)
Musikhuset Aarhus - Falken 226

15.25 - 15.55 Exploring IoT, machine learning and data science to challenge and improve a utility by Andreas Bjørn Bassett (Vandcenter Syd A/S)

Vandcenter Syd are running pilot projects to improve the efficiency of their utility. Some are rather large IoT projects to assist transforming Odense city into a smart city. With the possibilities from IoT, machine learning and data science also come a whole new requirement on the future landscape in IT systems, but also, more importantly development of employee competences and adaptability for them to join the journey towards new digitalization and smart operation of a city and a water utility. Further the presentation will showcase some of the projects including the expected outcome to enable Vandcenter Syd to become a smart water utility.

16:00 - 16:50 NRW reductions – how knowing and controlling can go hand in hand by Marco Fantozzi (Isle Utilities) and Benny Nielsen (Herning Waterworks)

Benny Nielsen is Head of Planning & Projects at Herning Water A/S and has been project manager on implementing 17.000 remotely read smart meters in the operation areas of Herning Water Utility. Benny will be giving a presentation on the co-operation between Herning Water and Kamstrup, the main message being that digitalizing the utility by implementing IoT communicating smart meters is not a goal in itself – data is. For Herning Water, the main objectives for the project have been making themselves able to survey their operations, having input for risk control and investment planning and a more exact foundation for billing, but also to increase customer service and reduce loss from bad payers. With specific and brand new numbers as point of depart, Benny will present results and key learnings from the project, and give a look into how Herning Water works actively with data.

Herning Water A/S
Head of Department, Planning & Projects
Isle SRL
Managing Director
VCS Denmark
Director Operation and Maintenance
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