Where Space Science and Art - Intersection STEAM

General ScienceArtGrades K-8
1:15 PM, Friday 8 Feb 2019 (1 hour 30 minutes)
Explore the intersection of where art and science meet in this integrated STEAM aerospace workshop. Participants will explore the interplay of basic science and aerospace principals through various art activities. This workshop is for elementary teachers who want to integrate Science and Art. Come explore chemical reactions while creating planet terrain or introduce physics to your students with explosion and spin art. Spin your art into intergalactic masterpieces. Make your own robots and work with Spheros to create art. Learn how to easily integrate science/art in the simplest of ways while connecting the learning back to aerospace work being done on the ISS. This is a make and take workshop. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves have fun and get STEAMY!!
Science Yourself! NO G's About It!
Lester B Pearson School Board
Technology Teacher

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