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Jenny Mccall


6-8th PLTW Teacher, SEEC Crew, Limitless Educator
Fayette County Public Schools
Participates in 1 Session

Jenny McCall has been teaching science for 15 years in a variety of school settings: public, private, and charter.  She graduated from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Chemistry Education and completed her Masters of Education in Diverse Learning (dual emphasis - learning behavioral specialist and teaching English Language Learners) from Trinity International University.  She currently teaches 6th-8th grade PLTW classes at the Winburn Middle School in the Fayette County Public Schools located in Lexington, KY.  She previously taught for 8 years at the Kenosha School of Technology Enhanced Curriculum, a PLTW distinguished school located in Kenosha, WI before transitioning to KY in the summer of 2020. She is a Project Lead the Way Master Teacher for the Gateway Flight and Space, Science of Technology and Energy and the Environment modules, in addition to certifications in the Automation& Robotics, Design & Modeling, and Medical Detectives modules.

Attending the Honeywell Educators at Space Academy (2018) was a pivotal and paradigm shifting moment in her career as a middle school science teacher.  She attended SEEC for the first time in 2019 and hopes to return every year.

She is honored to serve as both a Space Foundation Teacher Liasion (Flight 17-20) and JPL Solar System Ambassador (2020) in the pursuit of sharing passionate space exploration within her sphere of influence.   

She was accepted as a Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium Embedded Teacher to accompany the Carthage microgravity team on a ZeroG flight in November of 2020.  While learning virtually, Winburn Middle School students researched, submitted questions, and designed experiments to fly in microgravity.  McCall designed lessons to accompany the videos that were recorded on the ZeroG flight so that other classrooms could learn alongside her students. These lessons are intended to serve as labs for recurring use in her classroom on the subject of how fluids behave in space.  The research collected from the Carthage microgravity team is being applied to the design and implementation of the Modal Propellant Gauging system on the Lunar Orbiting Platform.

She was a participant in the SOFIA Airborne Astronomy Ambassadors program (Cycle 9) teaching SETI's infrared astronomy to her eighth grade classes in March and then flew aboard SOFIA on April 26 and 28 of 2022. Teaching students to read scientific articles published by SETI/NASA scientists and conclude what object was being studied, by whom, what data was collected and what it means was paradigm forming while teaching in a Title 1 school.  Further, the SOFIA principal investigator and scientists aboard the flight treated the embedded teachers as equal sojourners searching for more knowledge about how our universe operates. Embedded experiences that bring real world applications of scientific data into the classroom are dream changers! McCall is committed to developing a classroom that is inclusive and equitable for all.  Sharing the AAA Cycle 9 experience with fellow SEEC crew member and space sister, Bev Berekian, made it truly a trip of a lifetime.  

McCall is currently learning about interstellar travel from the Limitless Space Institute and is excited to design and implement lesson plans through the Limitless Educator program about how deep space travel may be realized in the not too distant future.

Sessions in which Jenny Mccall participates

Friday 5 February, 2021

Time Zone: (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)