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Susan Freeman

ISS Mimic STEM Education Project
Participates in 1 Session

Susan is a mechanical engineer and a 30 plus year veteran of manned spaceflight operations.  She has worked the Space Shuttle Program for Payloads (middeck experiments and payloads deployed with the shuttle arm) starting with STS-30 and was on the team that deployed the Hubble Space Telescope.  She then transitioned to life sciences experiments which led to the NASA Mir Program where she was on continuous rotation for three years to Russian Mission Control supporting the NASA astronaut and science experiments onboard the space station as a predecessor to the ISS.  She currently works on the ISS Program (for over 20 years now) where she used to write procedures for on-orbit assembly of the space station and now writes installation procedures for on-orbit modifications like the docking adapter.  Besides loving to build things, she is also an artist and makes crosses out of found objects and even used to play professional women's football.

Sessions in which Susan Freeman participates