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Mr. Stanley Taylor

Science Workshop Presenter
Young Canadian Space Club

Stanley R Taylor served for 20 years with Scientists in School where he gave half day, hands on workshops on Structures (Grades 3 and 5), Space and Flight (Grade 6),  and Fluids involving Hydraulics and Pneumatics (Grade 8) all geared to S.T.E.A.M. and the Province of Ontario Science Curriculum. Stan has his own business "stanscienceman" where he does workshops in Flight and Space within the community and at Maine Space Day in Brunswick, Maine. He is the Founder of the Young Canadian Space Club, Uxbridge, ON, Canada which launched Feb 27, 2019. He currently gives virtual workshops on his Pneumatically Controlled Canadarm for teachers and their students in Canada and the United States of Ameica. Stan is the author of three books where you can read outlines and book reviews on his website,