Keynote: Benefits Lux Modus technology has brought to the oil and gas pipeline industry

10:15 AM, jeudi 29 avr. 2021 EDT (30 minutes)
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With the increased demand for accurate subsurface utility information, the need for inexpensive and timely data capture has come to the forefront. Many of the existing data capture methods are expensive, time consuming and are often still labour intensive. But thanks to several advancements, the cost and complexity edge computing and sensor technology has decreased substantially. This has enabled the development of a wide range of new technologies available for utility mapping and the creation for the basis of utility digital twins. This talk will cover how the advancements in sensor and edge computing technology had led to new collection methodologies, rise of the utility digital twin, as well as how through progressive 3D mapping and Intelligent data aggregation we can drastically improve the world subsurface utility mapping.

Keynote Speaker: Joseph Hilady
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Lux Modus.