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Why we should build a Digital Twin of our hidden infrastructure

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12:15 PM, Jeudi 29 Avr 2021 EDT (30 minutes)
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A look at the subsurface infrastructure that is far greater in size than the surface transportation systems. This other infrastructure is just as critical to our economy by providing the utilities that we take for granted.. This buried infrastructure is aging, becoming dilapidated and desperately in need of repair and replacement. It is what lies beneath our roads and railways systems and comprises our utility and pipeline systems. ProStar’s CEO and Founder Page Tucker will look at this vast underground network, the damage and maintenance issues it is facing and how we can improve the management of this network by employing modern technologies used in other industries to improve their business practices.

He will relate how each of these technologies when brought together all the capture of precise location and attribute data to support the needed input to develop a digital twin for existing buried assets.

Page Tucker


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