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Using Gyro Mapping Technology to obtain accurate pipeline data

10:05 AM, Vendredi 30 Avr 2021 EDT (30 minutes)
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Gyro mapping is rapidly becoming a widely accepted technology for obtaining accurate XYZ data of subsurface utility infrastructure. Whether through national regulation or the utility network owners’ diligent network management policies, gyro mapping is becoming a standard new-build specification, in particular for trenchless installation methods. In addition, Utility network owners see a great benefit in having an objective and accurate as-built profile during the hand-over process with infrastructure contractors.

But besides accurate XYZ, gyro-mapping has a number of advantages over traditional mapping that make it the more suitable and/or desirable technology in existing networks as well. On such aspect is the sampling frequency of 100Hz, or 100 samples per second. High frequency data enables accurate and highly detailed calculations of bend radius and grade measurement. Another key benefit is that gyro mapping is not affected by electromagnetic noise, so it can be used right next to typical EMS sources such as high-voltage cables, rail tracks and sheet piling.

This presentation will introduce the audience to the concept, operational method, and data output of gyro mapping technology.
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