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Next Generation Internet: Research Priorities and Funding Opportunities

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11:30 AM, Tuesday 18 Jun 2019 (1 hour)
Musikhuset Aarhus - Falken 226
IoT Emerging Technologies

The Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative from the European Commission aims at developing key building blocks of the internet of tomorrow and shape its development towards an internet of humans that responds to our fundamental needs, including trust, security, openness and inclusion, and in general reflects the values and norms we enjoy in our society. At the core of the initiative stands a research and innovation programme dedicated to directly support internet innovators, from individual researchers, to developers and start-ups.

This session will provide an overview of the NGI initiative, will present the research and innovation areas where it will focus in the coming years, will introduce the upcoming calls for internet innovators in the areas of ‘privacy enhancing technologies’, ‘search and discovery’ and ‘decentralised data governance’, and will explain how it links to the IoT community.

My Session Status

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