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Session Attendees - Electromagnetic Energies Got You Down?*

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Mr. Stanley Taylor
Science Workshop Presenter, Young Canadian Space Club
Ms. Denise Wright
STEM Educator, Ocean Bay Middle
Argy Leyton
Retired, NASA-JPL Solar System Ambassador
Mrs. Dianea Phillips
Owner, Science Yourself! NO G's About It!
Ms. Sultana Tzirtziganis
Engineer, Science Yourself! NO G's About It!
Mrs. Jo Dodds
Teacher, Idaho Digital Learning Alliance
Megan Davis
Teacher, Bryan ISD
Karim Jaffer
Professor & Astronomy Outreach Coordinator, John Abbott College & RASC Montreal Centre
Hector David Ariza Betancur
Fundación Jorge Enrique Perea Perea
James Tyson III
Flight Director, Challenger Learning Center of Maine
Stephanie Hanover
Teacher/STEM Mentor, Allen Academy
Martinique Pautzke
K-12 Education Program Coordinator, McDonald Observatory
Judith Meyer mey
K12 Programs Specialist, McDonald Observatory
Laudra Calaf
Teacher, Angleton Junior High
Leila Makdisi
Museum of Science and Industry - Chicago
Melissa Sleeper
Science/STEAM Teacher, Solar System Ambassador, Space Station Ambassador, Cape Canaveral, AIAA K-12 STEM Officer, NASA eClips Educator Advisory Board, Storm Grove Middle School
Pam Kraus
STEM Consultant and CTE Coordinator, Smoky Hill Education Service Center
Max Max Gheraldo Pérez Mendoza Mendoza
Profesor STEAM de areas de Ciencia y Tecnología , Escuela Secundaria Técnica 31
Engineer, Aerospace Academy of Mexico
Christine Pharris
Spring ISD
Tamara Clark
Idaho Science & Aerospace Scholars Teacher, Idaho Digital Learning Alliance
David Malcolm Malcolm
Teacher, South Medford High School
Chris Winkler
Teacher, Strack Intermediate
Clint Thomsen
CTE Teacher, ARISS
Shefali Mehta
Teacher, Princeton Public Schools
Francisco Cuéllar
Middle School
Annamarie Vandrevala
Middle School Science Teacher, Deer Path Middle School - Lake Forest District 67
Virginia Yarborough
Science Teacher, Edwards Academy
J. Scott Stromberger
Edison Middle School/Green Bay Area Public Schools
Michelle Brosseau
Mrs. Brosseau's Binder
Akiko Kojima
SEEC Crew / Elementary School Teacher, Takashi Elementary School
Katelynn McGriff
Pre-service Educator, Southeastern Oklahoma State University
Sharon Rigsby
Teacher, Murry J Frank Planetarium, Beaumont ISD
Vanessa Ortega

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