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Session Attendees - Tour: Kennedy Space Center- Vehicle Assembly Building*

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Miss Veronica Hagemann
Science Teacher, Wyoming Girls School
Bryan DeBates
Chief Executive Officer, Innovative Consulting for Education
Maria Adelina Machado
Educacional coordinator to Space, Ciência Viva
Ms. Monika Mishra Mishra
Trained Graduate Teacher, Vikhe Patil Memorial School, Pune
Susan Barber
Teacher, New Braunfels High School
Rosanna Patterson
NASA - Johnson Space Center
Laurie Orth
Chief Music Officer, Laurie Orth Music Teacher
Scott Young
Science communicator, Ordinary Human Earthling
Rebecca Leahy
Science Teacher, The Kinkaid School
Ms. Tara Rollins
Information Literacy Specialist (Librarian), Kujawa Elementary Aldine ISD
David Laughlin Laughlin
SystemsGo! Coordinator/Science Instructor, Canon City High School
Greg Pitonza
Middle School Technology and STEM Teacher, Canajoharie Middle School
Ms. Sultana Tzirtziganis
Engineer, Science Yourself! NO G's About It!
Phyllis Friello
Education Manager, Space Center Houston
Angela Case
Program Coordinator, Space Center Houston
Mrs. Valentina Matei
Teacher, Dacia School Oradea
Heidi Ragsdale
STEM Educator Consultant & National Geographic Grantee, National Geographic Society
Shonda Kelsey
Educator K-4 STEAM Lab, CENTRAL ISD/Elementary
Denise Duke
NASA Lab Teacher, Forest Lake Elementary
Brandi Jakola
Teacher, Katy ISD
Jessica Hostiadi
Grade 6 Teacher, Rhema En Cara School
Dr. Kellie Taylor
2nd and 3rd Grade Teacher, Hawthorne Elementary School - Boise School District
Miss Lindsey Hewitt
Science Teacher, Paris High School
Pam Leestma
Foundation Board Member, Columbia Memorial Space Center, Retired CA teacher
Chrystal Barker Barker
Teacher, Forest Lake Elementary
Neme Alperstein
Library of Congress Teaching With Primary Sources Teachers Network Mentor, Retired NYC Teacher/ Teaching With Primary Sources Teachers Network
Mrs Timshell Pheiffer
Junior Primary Technology teacher and head of boarding, Bridge House School
Sarah Niklas Niklas
Kindergarten Teacher, Primrose
Simcha Waisman
President, One Stop Richmond Hill Community Center
Amanda Quick
K-8 STEM Coordinator, Northside ISDK-8
Mr. Christopher Mick
Executive Director, Space St. Croix
Mr. Brady Loomer
Science Teacher, St. Mark's School
Lori Waters
Director of Communications and Co-PI,
Jennifer Becerra
Academic Program Coordinator/Lead Flight Director , NASA Johnson Space Center Intenship office
Steve Jones
Astronomy, Physics, Science Research Teacher, FCS Innovation Academy
Olivia Kuper
Science Teacher, North Greene High School
Natalie Garcia
Teacher, Cotulla Independent School District
Pam Kraus
STEM Consultant and CTE Coordinator, Smoky Hill Education Service Center
Jessica Cordero
Manager, Texas High School Aerospace Scholars, NASA Johnson Space Center
Megan Davis
Teacher, Bryan ISD
Cynthia Watts-Skinner
Science Educator, Blessed Trinity CHS
Ken Hargreaves
Lockerbie Academy, Scotland.
Edgar Ayala
Augusta A. Mayo Elementary School
Derek Doll
Elizabeth Middle School
Ms. Britteny Guidry
CTE Teacher (Engineering & Robotics) Beaumont ISD, Smith Middle School
Madison Mericle
Elite STEM Primary Academy
Mr Mark Brown
Educational Public Outreach Specialist, NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador
Rachael Hale
Space Center Houston
Angela Krause-Kuchta
Director of Education, Orion’s Quest
Jennifer Duffer
Engineering & Robotics Teacher, Montgomery ISD
Janie Henderson
Instructional Technologist, Alvarado ISD
Mr. Milton Lima V
Science Teacher, Vance County Schools
Denise Hupping L
Teacher, Manteca Unified School District
Adair Teller
Program Specialist Special Education. Solar System Ambassador, Manhatttan Beach Unified School District
Virginia Yarborough
Science Teacher, Edwards Academy
Noemi Norl
Education Business Assistant, Space Center Houston Education
Chaka Jaliwa
Education Specialist, Space Center Houston
Christina Schaefer
Engineering by Design Teacher, Francis Howell School District - Bryan Middle School
Mr Vinay Kharat KHARAT
Teacher, Secular Education Trust
Martin E Torres Lara
Debbie Dahl
Civil Air Patrol NHQ
Argy Leyton
Retired, NASA-JPL Solar System Ambassador
Alex Gladney-Lemon
Education Coordinator, NASA Office of STEM Engagement
Renee Gamba
Museum Director/Education Outreach, Museum of Natural History and Planetarium/Providence Parks
Kati Searcy
Solar System Ambassador, NASA-JPL
Samantha Thorstensen
Education Director, CASIS-Space Station Explorers
Debra Millican
Volunteer, OCS
Delinda Mock
Curriculum Specialist, Cypress Fairbanks ISD
Scarlett Randall
4th & 5th teacher, Hawthorne Elem.
Daniel Newmyer
Vice President of Education, Space Center Houston
Akiko Kojima
SEEC Crew / Elementary School Teacher, Takashi Elementary School
Jill Gilford
Science Teacher, Equitable Education Solutions
Elma Strong
STEM Teacher, Loris Elementary School
James Adams
Teacher, Incarnate Word Academy
Anthony Brown
United Tribes Technical College
Mary Vandergraff
Education Programs Coordinator - Space U, Space Center Houston Education Dept
Manabu Fujita
Teacher, Okayama prefectural Tamano high schoool
Mark Shelhamer
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Stephanie McMahon
Accessibility Consultant, Northern Arizona University Center for STEM Teaching and Learning/PLANETS
Isabel Borges
Institute of Education - University of Lisbon

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