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Kathy Whatley

Principal / Special Education Teacher
Upward Hope Academy

I was a certified Special Education teacher  for 8 years. In 2007 I decided to start my own school for students who were not functioning in a public school setting. I now have the only fully accrediated , tution free, private high school in Texas.We recieve no state or federal money and rely soley on granst and donations. This has been a diffucult year as we have been unable to hold any fundraisers. Yet we still continue to have in person classes and support our students. We also do not have an age limit for our online classes so those who quit  school and are now unable to support themselves can finish their education. We have a 95% graduation rate and our students go on to earn certificates that enable them to earn a living. Our school is 13 years old and has graduated over 900 students.