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SEEC 2021 Banquet Opening and Award Ceremony

Community EngagementSEEC Virtual Banquet
6:00 PM, Friday 5 Feb 2021 CST (4 hours)
  Virtual session
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A highlight of SEEC is the Friday evening banquet, and this year will be no exception. The evening will kick off with a heartfelt welcome and thank you to all organizers, presenters, and participants. This will be followed by the announcement of the Cherri Brinley Outstanding Educator Award. The evening’s celebrations will continue in special Virtual Lounges where guests can mingle, chat and try their hand at our offerings. Be sure to pop in and out of any lounges to enjoy all the amazing activities.

Lounges can be accessed from the "Schedule" as well as from the "Lounges" pages at the top of the SEEC event home page from 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm CT. Included will be:

Cosmic Cocktail Pub: Join us in the Ingenuity Lounge for an important early, and probably late, stop will be our cosmic cocktail pub! Grab your shaker and join mixologists Jennifer Cheesman and Brian Ewenson as they guide you through making the perfect planetary potion. Link to Room

Galaxy Games: Pop into our game room (Zarya Lounge) and try your hand at space and STEM games! Our hosts, Ann Hernandez, Machin Norris, Debbie Reynolds, and Heidi Ragsdale will put forth an offering of challenges for the galactic gamer. Link to Room

Artist's Studio: SEEC educators are not only stellar scholars but artists! A big hit last year was our educator’s Space Art Exhibit showcasing your work. Join SciArt Exchange Director, Jancy McPheein, in our Artist's Studio and chat, share your art, and find inspiration for your next masterpiece in our Leonardo Lounge. Link to Room

Space Moves Dance Club: It couldn’t be a banquet without a dance. Put on your dancing shoes (or bunny slippers), clear your dance space and join us in Kibo Lounge with our host Chaka Jaliwa for some gravity-defying moves (probably not Zero-G, but we like giving him a challenge).Link to Room

International Conversations: One of the great pleasures at the SEEC banquet is to visit the Canada table for a quick “Eh?” and pick up some smarties and aero bars in the Zvezda Lounge. Then it’s off to catch up with our friends from Mexico, a visit with the educators from JAXA, and beyond. Our international room hosted by Dianea Phillips will welcome you and share virtual treats and customs from around the globe. No passport required. Link to Room

Space Center Houston
Vice President of Education


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