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The easiest option to get to Belém is to fly to the local international airport. Belém International Airport - Val-de-Cans/Júlio Cezar Ribeiro receives both domestic and international flights.

If you are coming from Europe, there is a direct flight from Lisbon (Portugal) through TAP Airlines. Air France also has flights to Belém with a stop in Cayenne (French Guiana).

For those flying from North America, Azul Airlines offers a direct flight from Miami and Fort Lauderdale (USA). In South America, Surinam Airways has a direct route from Paramaribo to Belém.

You can also connect through other international airports in Brazil. Brasília, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Manaus, Fortaleza, and Guarulhos are some of the cities with direct flights to various international destinations, including Belém.

It's important to specify "Belém do Pará, Brazil" when booking your flight. 

Once you arrive in Belém, you can easily get a taxi or use Uber to reach downtown, which typically takes around 20 minutes from the airport and costs ~10-15USD. The airport has free wi-fi. Another popular option is the "99" app, which functions similarly to Uber in the city.


Public transportation

Residents of Belém rely on buses for daily transportation throughout the city, with a fare of R$ 4.00 per trip. However, this may not be the best option for foreign tourists, as they need to be able to ask for information in Portuguese to stop at the correct places. Bus drivers typically do not speak English.

Taxis or apps such as Uber and 99 are better options for tourist transportation.


About safety

Belém is a metropolis and may have some safety issues, as do most major cities around the world. The city center and tourist spots are bustling and generally safe, but it's important to be mindful of petty theft while walking. If you need to venture outside tourist areas, avoid walking alone on quiet streets, especially at night.

In case of security concerns, tourists can contact the Tourist Police Battalion (BPTur) at the following phone number: +55 91 984 069 961

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