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Estação das Docas

Home to the 9th iBOL Conference, this venue was inaugurated in 2000 and stands as one of Belém’s most iconic landmarks. Estação das Docas is a tourist destination that combines gastronomy, culture, fashion, and events, spread across the 500 meters of riverfront of Belém's old port. It spans 32,000 m², encompassing three English iron warehouses and a passenger terminal.

Entry is free, and the venue boasts restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, a theater, and live music performances. It also houses a slice of the city’s history, with a permanent exhibition showcasing ancient objects unearthed during the port’s revitalization. Additionally, visitors can explore the ruins of Fort São Pedro Nolasco, originally constructed for waterfront defense in 1665. Destroyed after the Cabanagem Movement in 1825, the fort was revitalized for the inauguration of Estação das Docas.

The iconic yellow external cranes, crafted in the United States at the turn of the 20th century, once powered the port's equipment with a steam engine in the mid-1800s.

Today, Estação das Docas serves as a cultural hub for theater, music, and dance. Its waterfront offers visitors a breathtaking view of Guajará Bay and serves as the backdrop for cultural performances.

The 9th iBOL Conference will take place at the Maria Sylvia Nunes Theater—a venue for private events, concerts, theater productions, and film screenings. Situated within the first warehouse of Estação das Docas, it can be found on the left side upon entering on foot.

Adress: Avenida Marechal Hermes, No Number. Campina, Belém – PA. 

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