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Point do Açaí d’Amazônia
For 20 years providing the best gastronomic experience in Para. Boulevard Castilho França - boulevard of gastronomy - Rua Veiga Cabral, n.º 450 - Cidade Velha.

Amazônia na Cuia
Typical food restaurant, with several options to try. R. Domingos Marreiros, 851 - Umarizal, Belém - PA, 66055-215
Instagram: @amazonianacuia

Boteco Meu Garoto
Casual bohemia and legitimate cachaça with jambu. Rua Senador Manoel Barata, n.º 928 – Campina.
Instagram: @botecomeugaroto

Apoena Espaço Cultural
A cultural center with a typical Pará setting, music and cuisine.  Program with Carimbó Avenida Duque de Caxias, n.º 450.
Instagram: @espacoculturalapoena

Cairu Ice Cream
Voted the best ice cream parlor in Brazil. Travessa Dom Romualdo de Seixas, n.º 1139 - Umarizal / Estação das Docas.
Instagram: @sorveteriacairu

Cervejaria Cabôca
Craft brewery 100% from Pará. A mansion in downtown Belém with fabulous beers, cocktails, and snacks. An ethylic, gastronomic, and cultural haven, right in front of Estação das Docas. Address: Blvd. Castilhos França, 550 – Campina. 
Instagram: @cervejariacaboca

Vila Container
Cultural complex completely built on containers. Snacks and drinks with a young vibe. Address: Av. Gov Magalhães Barata, n.º 62 – Nazaré.
Instagram: @vila.container

Bar do Parque
Since 1904, the oldest bar in Brasil. Address: Praça da República – in the corner of Rua Carlos Gomes and Avenida Presidente Vargas, n.º 402 – Campina. 
Instagram: @bardoparque1904

Armazém Belém
Wines, dishes, pizzas and breads. You can find it at the Boulevard Shopping and Shopping Bosque Grão Pará.
Instagram: @armazembelem

Avuado Restaurante
Amazonic cuisine. Address: Travessa Dom Romualdo de Seixas, no. 823 – Umarizal.
Instagram: @avuadorestaurante

Casa do Saulo
Traditional restaurant from Santarém (Pará), now also available at the “Casa das Onze Janelas”, famous landscape of Belém. Open from Tuesday to Sunday. Address: Rua Siqueira Mendes, s/n.º - Cidade Velha. 
Instagram: @casadosauloonzejanelas

Travel through the flavours from India, with a touch of Amazonic cuisine. All the dishes are vegans. Address: Rua dos Mundurucus, n.º 1800 - Batista Campos.
Instagram: @govindarestaurante

Na Maré
Regional cuisine and music by the river. Open from Thursday to Sunday. Address: Rua São Boaventura, n.º 112 - Cidade Velha.
Instagram: @namarerestaurante


For a map with the venue, hotels and tourist attractions please see here.