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Session Attendees - "We Choose to Go to the Moon!" and Leading Students There Again*

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Neme Alperstein
Library of Congress Teaching With Primary Sources Teachers Network Mentor, Retired NYC Teacher/ Teaching With Primary Sources Teachers Network
Sharon Rigsby
Teacher, Murry J Frank Planetarium, Beaumont ISD
Adair Teller
Program Specialist Special Education. Solar System Ambassador, Manhatttan Beach Unified School District
Mrs. Dianea Phillips
Owner, Science Yourself! NO G's About It!
Lariane Floreda FLOREDA
Educator, Tekoa Academy of Accelerated Studies STEM School
Greg Pitonza
Middle School Technology and STEM Teacher, Canajoharie Middle School
Mrs. Natali Barreto Baca
Teacher, Albuquerque Public School
Meriam Lepasana
Math & Science Teacher, Limitless Space Institute Educator, Halifax County Schools
Jared Woodfill
Johnson Space Center
Prof Elizabeth Torres-Rodríguez
Professor, SEEC CREW/ Puerto Rico Space Grant Affiliate/Environmental Specialist/Smithsonian NASM Teacher Innovator Institute/Naval Academy STEM Teacher
James Adams
Teacher, Incarnate Word Academy
James Putman
Science Teacher (secondary), The Motivation to Learn
Mr Mark Brown
Educational Public Outreach Specialist, NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador
Antonio Matos
Science Teacher, Colégio XIX de Março Brazil
Deena Tetzlaff
Maura Monter Rios Monter Rios
IT Education manager, Aerospace Academy of Mexico
Kate McCann
Math Educator, U-32 Middle & High School/Washington Central Unified Union School District
Wendy Dalton
Hillsboro Charter Academy
Melissa Sleeper
Science/STEAM Teacher, Solar System Ambassador, Space Station Ambassador, Cape Canaveral, AIAA K-12 STEM Officer, NASA eClips Educator Advisory Board, Storm Grove Middle School
Mr Shaun Keyser
ICT Integrator, Prep School, Bridge House School, South Africa
Beth Cubbage
Educator; STEAM Club Sponsor; Team Lead, Pinellas Academy of Math and Science
Mr Trevor Kjorlien
Space Educator, Plateau Astro
Virginia Yarborough
Science Teacher, Edwards Academy
Necole Hanks Hanks
science teacher, Powell Middle School
Brandi Jakola
Teacher, Katy ISD
Amelia Tangeman
University of Nebraska at Omaha
Amanda Quick
K-8 STEM Coordinator, Northside ISDK-8
Patrick Petty
Mission Support Specialist, NASA - Johnson Space Center
Kirsten Hibbard
Executive Director, Challenger Learning Center of Maine
Melissa Farmer
South Medford High School
Athena Mayorga
Science teacher - Grade 6, Rhea Intermediate
Sandy Athey
Special Education Case Manager and STEM club leader, Indian Trail High School and Academy- Kenosha Unified School District
Denise Duke
NASA Lab Teacher, Forest Lake Elementary
Jamee Nelson
Assistant Flight Director, Challenger Learning Center of Las Cruces
Ms. Jess Rowell Rowell
Middle School Science Teacher, Shady Grove Middle School, Maryland
Noemi Norl
Education Business Assistant, Space Center Houston Education
Marlene Morgan Morgan
Instructor for SPED, UHCL
Kasey Felcman
teacher (7th), Angleton Jr. High School
Deyanira Salazar
Math Specialist/ Math Rocks Owner, Math Rocks!
Hanna Crawley
Sharon Boese
8th grade STEM, McKinney Christian Academy
Margaret (Peggy) Bohlin
Science Teacher, All Saints Catholic School
Dr. Kellie Taylor
2nd and 3rd Grade Teacher, Hawthorne Elementary School - Boise School District
Ceceila McTighe
Forest Lake Elementary
Vicente B Manzano Jr. Jr
Educator , Tekoa Academy of Accelerated Studies STEM School
David Malcolm Malcolm
Teacher, South Medford High School
Archaana Murugan
Technology Teacher, Newman international academy
Beth Bivens
5th Grade Teacher, Galileo STEM Academy
James Falletti
Middle School Science & STEM Integrator, William D. McDowell Observatory
Jess Harris
Director of Steam & Space Education at Limestone University
Meghan Jacquot
IT Support and STEM Educator, Yeshiva of Greater Washington
Mrs. Jo Dodds
Teacher, Idaho Digital Learning Alliance
Bryan DeBates
Chief Executive Officer, Innovative Consulting for Education
Ron Schmit
Observatory Coordinator, Anoka Hennepin School District #11
Bradly Rivera Muñiz
STEM Coordinator & Teacher / Mentor, Robinson School / The Arecibo Observatory
Angela K Groves
Educator, McLean Middle School Fort Worth ISD
Paula Eschbach
Upper Arlington City Schools
Mr. Brady Loomer
Science Teacher, St. Mark's School
Ms. Denise Wright
STEM Educator, Ocean Bay Middle
Josh Revels
Education Outreach Specialist, Fairmont State University/NASA IV&V ERC
Hector David Ariza Betancur
Fundación Jorge Enrique Perea Perea
Mr. Stanley Taylor
Science Workshop Presenter, Young Canadian Space Club
Tiffany Miller
Dean of Instruction | 1st Grade Teacher | 2016 Middle East Region Aerospace Education Teacher of the Year, Hillsboro Charter Academy
Steve Jones
Astronomy, Physics, Science Research Teacher, FCS Innovation Academy
Kristi Fehr
Cassidy Elementary
Elizabeth Henrikson
6th STEM/Science Teacher, Fruita Middle School
Ms. Lisa Love
Kindergarten teacher, H.L. Suverkrup elementary school
Kristen Hudson
Teacher, Morgan/Kincaid Preparatory School
Tegan Byerly
Regional Support Specialist, teacher, Idaho Digital Learning Alliance
LeeAnn Gray
Teacher, Willard School
Mr Mark Gaulrapp
STEAM/CPU Teacher, Abington Middle School in MA
Angela Case
Program Coordinator, Space Center Houston
Michelle Rahn
STEM classroom teacher, Smithsonian NASM Teacher Innovator Institute, PAEMST, & Claremore Public Schools
Shanna Mellott
English Teacher, Cache High School
Ms Wendy Shearer
Science technician, Mango Hill State Secondary College
Amy Lauver
Teacher, Putnam City Schools
Dr Craig Wilson
USDA/ARS & Texas A&M College of Science
Keiko Suzuki
JAXA Space Education Center
Adrienne Provenzano
NASA Solar System Ambassadors JPL-CalTech

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