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Session Attendees - Expedition: Space Lab- A New Space Station Explorers Program*

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Sarah Skeen Skeen
Science Teacher, Collegiate Academy
Samantha Thorstensen
Education Director, CASIS-Space Station Explorers
Mrs. Courtney Black
Education Project Manager, ISS US National Lab
Liam Kennedy
Founder / Inventor, ISS-Above
Ashlie Smith
Phy Science Educator l SEEC Crew Member, '21 Nat TOY 2nd place for Air Force Assoc. l Michigan Air Force Assoc VP of Aerospace Edu l Limitless Educator, Cranbrook Schools
Renee Gamba
Museum Director/Education Outreach, Museum of Natural History and Planetarium/Providence Parks
Nathan Tubbs
STEAM Teacher; Homeschool Dad; Chaplain, SEEC CREW; PS/IS 30; Space Launch Delta 45
James Falletti
Middle School Science & STEM Integrator, William D. McDowell Observatory
Debbie Reynolds
Director of TechWorks, SEEC Crew, Teacher Liaison, SSA, AEF@Navy, Commonwealth Charter Academy
Dr. Irving Rosales Diaz
Professor, Aerospace Academy of Mexico
Michelle Mohrweis
Space Education Specialist, Space Foundation
Melissa Pore
STEM Club Mentor and Global Studies Faculty, Bishop O'Connell High School
Jill Gilford
Science Teacher, Equitable Education Solutions
Mrs Timshell Pheiffer
Junior Primary Technology teacher and head of boarding, Bridge House School
Angela Whitfield
Deer Park ISD
Megan Tucker
Nat’l Aviation Hall of Fame Crossfield TOY 2023 | Limitless Space Institue Educator-LS1 | Nat’l AFA STEM TOY 2021 | Dean of Curriculum | STEAM Specialist | Gifted Specialist I Instructional Facilitator | NASA SOFIA AAA | National CAP TOY 2011, Hillsboro Charter Academy
Marcia Ferreira
STEM teacher, NCSEA
Samantha McCoy
Teacher, Lodi Unified School District
Kirsten Hibbard
Executive Director, Challenger Learning Center of Maine
Herb Baker
NASA Alumni League/Johnson Space Center
Bryan Murphy
SpaceFlight Engineer, ISS Mimic STEM Education Project
Amanda Quick
K-8 STEM Coordinator, Northside ISDK-8
melissa eker
Prairie Trail Middle School
Ricardo Sánchez
Fernando Ruiz
STEAM Educator / School Administrator, Oakland Colegio Campestre / Colombia Space School.
Terri Mynatt
Teacher, Yukon Flats School District
Kandy Stamper Stamper
Academic Interventionist, GEAR UP OPP
Carrie Millican
Kinkaid Middle School
Celena Miller
Senior Outreach/Education Coordinator, SEEC Crew - Center for Space Research
Mr Trevor Kjorlien
Space Educator, Plateau Astro
Jeff Gonyea
Director, U.S. Air Force Academy Planetarium
Lauren Parker
Teacher, SEEC Crew, Fort Worth Academy
Monika Moorman
Educator, JPL Solar System Ambassador, Broward County Public Schools
Edgar Ayala
Augusta A. Mayo Elementary School
Ms. Jess Rowell Rowell
Middle School Science Teacher, Shady Grove Middle School, Maryland
Tanja Aldridge
Teacher, Johnston County Schools
Tanisha Albrite
Teacher, Plummer Middle School
Angela Case
Program Coordinator, Space Center Houston
Isabel Borges
Institute of Education - University of Lisbon

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