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Daniel Lefebvre


Sessions auxquelles Daniel Lefebvre assiste

Jeudi 29 Avril, 2021

Fuseau horaire: (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
10:00 AM
10:00 AM EDT - 10:15 AM EDT | 15 minutes
10:00 AM EDT - 3:20 PM EDT | 5 heures 20 minutes

Les billets pour cet atelier doivent être achetés à l'avance.

10:15 AM
10:15 AM EDT - 10:45 AM EDT | 30 minutes

With the increased demand for accurate subsurface utility information, the need for inexpensive and timely data capture has come to the forefront. Many of the existing data capture methods are expensive, time consuming and are often still labour intensive. But thanks to several advancements, the cost and complexity edge computing and sensor technology has decreased substantially. This has enabled the development of a wide range of new technologies available for utility mapping and the crea...

Joseph Hlady

Invité.e d'honneur
12:15 PM
12:15 PM EDT - 12:45 PM EDT | 30 minutes
12:55 PM
12:55 PM EDT - 1:25 PM EDT | 30 minutes

UEVO is a Digital Twin of city subsurface infrastructure, which helps solve the problem of managing aging, complex infrastructure under increasingly strained budgets. UEVO unifies fragmented data to enable multiple stakeholders to visualise, manipulate and create subsurface elements quickly and easily, collaborating in real time.

Alex Shalash

Invité.e d'honneur
1:35 PM
1:35 PM EDT - 2:05 PM EDT | 30 minutes
2:15 PM
2:15 PM EDT - 3:10 PM EDT | 55 minutes

Moderator: Prashant ShuklePresenters: Rob Martindale, Olive Powell, DND, PSPC