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Session Attendees - Tour: Climate Change Research Initiative Program at GISS*

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MRS Maria Nickel
Science 7&8, STEM teacher, ISD #21
Kristine Holloway Holloway
Ontario Certified Teacher, Peel District School Board
Angela Case
Program Coordinator, Space Center Houston
Mr. David Lockett
Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow, NASA STEM Fellow
Bryan DeBates
Chief Executive Officer, Innovative Consulting for Education
Michael Sweet
Teacher, PSJA ISD
Matthew Pearce
Education Program Specialist, NASA Office of STEM Engagement
Karim Jaffer
Professor & Astronomy Outreach Coordinator, John Abbott College & RASC Montreal Centre
Audra Peck
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Gretchen Ross
6th Grade Science TEacher, NCSEA
Deona Cox
Science teacher, Mineola High School
Engineer, Aerospace Academy of Mexico
Amelia Tangeman
University of Nebraska at Omaha
Leila Makdisi
Museum of Science and Industry - Chicago
Kaori Sasaki
JAXA Space Education Center
Maria Adelina Machado
Educacional coordinator to Space, Ciência Viva
Alejandro Mundo
Kingsbridge International HS & NASA GISS
Ms. Kyrian MacMichael
Teacher, Washington Connections Academy
Olivia Kuper
Science Teacher, North Greene High School
John Patrick
Education Coordinator, NASA
Joyce Winterton
NASA - GSFC WFF Directorate Education
Laurie Scheibner
Elementary Science STEM Specialist, Tahoe Truckee Unified School District
Maura Monter Rios Monter Rios
IT Education manager, Aerospace Academy of Mexico
Marcos Nunez George Nunez George
Aerospace Education LATAM, Aerospace Academy of México, SEEC CREW Space Center Houston
Heidi Ragsdale
STEM Educator Consultant & National Geographic Grantee, National Geographic Society
Mrs. Valentina Matei
Teacher, Dacia School Oradea
Shelly Grandell
G/T Science Educator, Jeffco Public Schools
Juan Jimenez
English Teacher, Aerospace Academy of Mexico
Anna Vershynina
Professor of Mathematics, University of Houston
Liam Kennedy
Founder / Inventor, ISS-Above
Denise Borja
Tekoa Academy of Accelerated Studies STEM School
Patricia Owens
Secondary Science Teacher, Two Roads
Mr. Bruce Callow
Teacher /author, Costa Rica Institute of Technology /Universidad del Valle de Guatemala Publishing House
Dr. Tomás Pérez Becerra
Professor, Aerospace Academy of Mexico
Mrs. Christina Mullin Mullin
Teacher, Father Leduc School
Beverly Berekian
Teacher, Ball Junior High School SEEC Crew
Jenny Mccall
6-8th PLTW Teacher, SEEC Crew, Limitless Educator, Fayette County Public Schools
Sharon Rigsby
Teacher, Murry J Frank Planetarium, Beaumont ISD
ALI Hazan del Canto
Psychologist professor, Aeroespace Academy of Mexico
Janice Crew
Washington Aerospace Scholars- The Museum of Flight
Noemi Norl
Education Business Assistant, Space Center Houston Education
Celina Terrones
Academic Program Specialist, Scobee Education Center
John Carney
Earth Science Consultant, Self-Employed, Retired
Phyllis Friello
Education Manager, Space Center Houston
Lora Mortimore
Arlington Public Schools
Cynthia Watts-Skinner
Science Educator, Blessed Trinity CHS
Mrs. Jo Dodds
Teacher, Idaho Digital Learning Alliance
Errol Larkins
Killough Middle School STEM
Violeta Macias Juncos
High School Teacher, Aerospace Academy of Mexico
Autumn Nelson
Teacher, Arlington School District - Post Middle School
Terri Mynatt
Teacher, Yukon Flats School District
Manabu Fujita
Teacher, Okayama prefectural Tamano high schoool
Mabel Rivera
Teacher, Innovation Academy
David Laughlin Laughlin
SystemsGo! Coordinator/Science Instructor, Canon City High School
Kai Cui
PhD candidate, University of Florida
Betzabel De La Rosa De La Rosa
Bilingual Teacher, Stehlik Elementary School
Ms Wendy Shearer
Science technician, Mango Hill State Secondary College

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