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Asteroid Explorers! NASA ROADS on Asteroids Student Challenge

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12:45 PM, Thursday 4 Feb 2021 CST (1 hour 30 minutes)
Space Center Houston (Hosting of all events take place on-line-virtually) - Virtual Classroom 8   Virtual session
This session is in the past.
The virtual space is closed.
Grades 3-12SEEC Crew
The Mission: Plan and simulate a trip to asteroid Vesta including an impactor, drone landing and takeoff, and robotic navigation across potential surface hazards looking for the building blocks for life. Teachers will hear from NASA JSC carbonaceous asteroid curator and get hands-on experience with drones and EV3s. Door prizes!

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Who's Attending

Liane Ryan
Joe Redington Sr. Jr/Sr High School
Nicole Lunning
NASA - Johnson Space Center
Celena Miller
Senior Outreach/Education Coordinator
SEEC Crew - Center for Space Research
Scarlett Randall
4th & 5th teacher
Hawthorne Elem.
Margaret Baguio
Program Manager
NASA Texas Space Grant Consortium
Laudra Calaf
Angleton Junior High
Mrs. Christina Mullin Mullin
Father Leduc School
Kathy Whatley
Principal / Special Education Teacher
Upward Hope Academy
Angela Whitfield
Deer Park ISD
Evelyn Shephard
District Science Curriculum Coach
Cypress Fairbanks ISD
Johanna Perez
San Jacinto Elementary
Anna Vershynina
Professor of Mathematics
University of Houston
Romona Stueckrad
Limitless Expeditions, LLC.
Colleen Leeson
Westbury Christian School
Ricardo Sánchez
Ms. Sultana Tzirtziganis
Science Yourself! NO G's About It!
Janet Rosario
Programs Director
Gateway to Science
Cliff Hudson
Martin County Schools
Valerie Rudderforth
Middle School Project Lead the Way Teacher
Saint Paul Public Schools
Mr. Bruce Callow
Teacher /author
Costa Rica Institute of Technology /Universidad del Valle de Guatemala Publishing House
Marjorie Rivera
Navigator Academy of Leadership Davenport
Louis Thompson
Education Specialist
Mr Norman Jensen
Teacher on Special Assignment/Flight Director
Las Cruces Public School/Challenger Learning Center
Amanda McCue
Science Specialist
Crowley ISD
Stacie Kling
Hillsboro Charter Academy
J. Scott Stromberger
Edison Middle School/Green Bay Area Public Schools
Annamarie Vandrevala
Middle School Science Teacher
Deer Path Middle School - Lake Forest District 67
Betzabel De La Rosa De La Rosa
Bilingual Teacher
Stehlik Elementary School
Mrs. Valentina Matei
Dacia School Oradea
Laurie Sullivan
Arlington Public Schools
Cherie D. Powell
E3 Children's Museum and Science Center
Ms. Denise Wright
STEM Educator
Ocean Bay Middle
Shannon Ryan
5th Grade Teacher
Albuquerque Public Schools; Milken Educator NM'14
Cynthia Shadhrach Gnanadoss
Secondary Math Teacher
Newman international academy
Paula Eschbach
Upper Arlington City Schools
Beth Favor
Advanced Academic Programs and Services Resource Teacher
Jenny Mccall
6-8th PLTW Teacher, SEEC Crew, Limitless Educator
Fayette County Public Schools
Olivia Kuper
Science Teacher
North Greene High School
Justin Bartel
Immersive Experience Manager
Science Museum of Virginia
Patrick Petty
Mission Support Specialist
NASA - Johnson Space Center
Mr. Milton Lima V
Science Teacher
Vance County Schools

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