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Buoyancy and Beyond, Connecting the Neutral Buoyancy Lab (NBL) to the Classroom

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12:45 PM, Thursday 4 Feb 2021 CST (1 hour 30 minutes)
Space Center Houston (Hosting of all events take place on-line-virtually) - Virtual Classroom 5   Virtual session
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The virtual space is closed.
Grades 6-12

In this workshop, participants will investigate neutral buoyancy and the operations of the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory at NASA's Johnson Space Center where astronauts are trained to deal with the weightless environment of the International Space Station. The science and engineering concepts of buoyancy in space and underwater will be explored and highlighted through hands-on activities and engineering design as well as the concepts of buoyancy and weightlessness of free fall. The workshop will culminate in an NBL tour and LIVE interviews with two NBL divers leaving participants with an exciting set of lessons ready to go in the classroom focused around this engineering marvel. Don’t miss this FIRST TIME collaboration between the United States Naval Academy and Space Center Houston culminating with a design activity that results in a miniature neutral buoyancy chamber for your classroom.

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Who's Attending

Melissa Pore
STEM Club Mentor and Global Studies Faculty
Bishop O'Connell High School
Alana Davis
K-12 Science Professional Learning Specialist
Cobb County School District
Simcha Waisman
One Stop Richmond Hill Community Center
Akiko Kojima
SEEC Crew / Elementary School Teacher
Takashi Elementary School
Bryan DeBates
Chief Executive Officer
Innovative Consulting for Education
Becky Busby
Elementary Gifted Specialist
Frank Long Elementary
Stephen McMahon
Space Center Houston Education
Beverly Berekian
Ball Junior High School SEEC Crew
Kellie Arenz
Mukwonago Area School District- Park View Middle School
Angela Moran
USNA/ Engineers On Deck
Samantha Thorstensen
Education Director
CASIS-Space Station Explorers
Liam Kennedy
Founder / Inventor
Jodie Guillen
Educational Advocate
Laura Brown
8th Grade Science Teacher
Angleton Isd
Mónica Ortiz Alvarez
Degree in Neuroscience
Harvard Medical School
Cynthia Watts-Skinner
Science Educator
Blessed Trinity CHS
Phyllis Friello
Education Manager
Space Center Houston
Megan Davis
Bryan ISD
Renee Gamba
Museum Director/Education Outreach
Museum of Natural History and Planetarium/Providence Parks
Steven Swanner
Space Center University Assistant
Space Center Houston Education
Mrs. Kayla Thornhill
STEM Facilitator and NASA OKSG Mentor
Jenks Middle School
Dr. Tomás Pérez Becerra
Aerospace Academy of Mexico
Nathan Tubbs
STEAM Teacher; Homeschool Dad; Chaplain
SEEC CREW; PS/IS 30; Space Launch Delta 45
Jenn Donais
K-8 STEM Coach | PAEMST 2016 | AFA/Rolls Royce 3rd Place National Teacher of the Year | Google Coach | PLTW Launch Lead Teacher | ST Math Champion
Amesbury public schools
Tori McIntosh
North Dakota Space Grant Consortium
Jill Gilford
Science Teacher
Equitable Education Solutions
Michelle Rahn
STEM classroom teacher
Smithsonian NASM Teacher Innovator Institute, PAEMST, & Claremore Public Schools
Susan Talamantez
South San Antonio High School
Delinda Mock
Curriculum Specialist
Cypress Fairbanks ISD
Derek Doll
Elizabeth Middle School
Pam Leestma
Foundation Board Member
Columbia Memorial Space Center, Retired CA teacher
Mr. Christopher Mick
Executive Director
Space St. Croix
Lori Waters
Director of Communications and Co-PI
Jennifer Becerra
Academic Program Coordinator/Lead Flight Director
NASA Johnson Space Center Intenship office
Ms. Machin Norris
Education/SEEC Crew/Space Foundation Teacher Liaison 11-14/NASM-TII
Neme Alperstein
Library of Congress Teaching With Primary Sources Teachers Network Mentor
Retired NYC Teacher/ Teaching With Primary Sources Teachers Network
Argy Leyton
NASA-JPL Solar System Ambassador
David Laughlin Laughlin
SystemsGo! Coordinator/Science Instructor
Canon City High School
Pam Petersen
York Middle School
Herb Baker
NASA Alumni League/Johnson Space Center
Lora Mortimore
Arlington Public Schools
Stacey Bechdolt
Aerospace Education Resource Organization (AERO)
Jeff Gonyea
U.S. Air Force Academy Planetarium
Lauren Parker
Teacher, SEEC Crew
Fort Worth Academy
Donovan Flores
College profesor
Aerospace Academy of Mexico
Errol Larkins
Killough Middle School STEM

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