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Session Attendees - Searching for Life: Cryobot Mission to Europa*

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James Tyson III
Flight Director, Challenger Learning Center of Maine
Jeff Gonyea
Director, U.S. Air Force Academy Planetarium
James Falletti
Middle School Science & STEM Integrator, William D. McDowell Observatory
Stacie Kling
Hillsboro Charter Academy
Kaci Heins
Education Director, Space Center Houston
Orlando Garcia
Professor, Aerospace Academy of Mexico
Fernando Ruiz
STEAM Educator / School Administrator, Oakland Colegio Campestre / Colombia Space School.
Mr. Bruce Callow
Teacher /author, Costa Rica Institute of Technology /Universidad del Valle de Guatemala Publishing House
Marissa Saad
Deputy Director, North Dakota Space Grant Consortium
Mrs. Kayla Thornhill
STEM Facilitator and NASA OKSG Mentor, Jenks Middle School
Doris Biegler
Technology Trainer, Lawton Public Schools
Mr. LeRoy Davis Larry, Jr. Jr.
Director, Natural Physics Global Outreach
ALI Hazan del Canto
Psychologist professor, Aeroespace Academy of Mexico
Zoe Learner Ponterio
Manager, Spacecraft Planetary Image Facility, Cornell University
Ted Tagami
CEO Co-founder,, Inc.
Ceceila McTighe
Forest Lake Elementary
Violeta Macias Juncos
High School Teacher, Aerospace Academy of Mexico
Mrs. Nancy Parra-Quinlan
STEM/CTE teacher, Kino JHS
Dr. Tomás Pérez Becerra
Professor, Aerospace Academy of Mexico
Jenn Donais
K-8 STEM Coach | PAEMST 2016 | AFA/Rolls Royce 3rd Place National Teacher of the Year | Google Coach | PLTW Launch Lead Teacher | ST Math Champion, Amesbury public schools
Laurie Orth
Chief Music Officer, Laurie Orth Music Teacher
Juan Jimenez
English Teacher, Aerospace Academy of Mexico
Jodie Guillen
Educational Advocate, SEEC CREW
Chris Winkler
Teacher, Strack Intermediate
Amber Moss
Math and Science Instructional Coach, Bastrop ISD
Mrs. Lisa Swaney
Planetarium Director, Horwitz-DeRemer Planetarium
Ricardo Sánchez
Shannon Ryan
5th Grade Teacher, Albuquerque Public Schools; Milken Educator NM'14
Ruth Butler
Space Foundation
Megan Tucker
Nat’l Aviation Hall of Fame Crossfield TOY 2023 | Limitless Space Institue Educator-LS1 | Nat’l AFA STEM TOY 2021 | Dean of Curriculum | STEAM Specialist | Gifted Specialist I Instructional Facilitator | NASA SOFIA AAA | National CAP TOY 2011, Hillsboro Charter Academy
Edgar Ayala
Augusta A. Mayo Elementary School
Stephanie McMahon
Accessibility Consultant, Northern Arizona University Center for STEM Teaching and Learning/PLANETS
Lora Mortimore
Arlington Public Schools
Lariane Floreda FLOREDA
Educator, Tekoa Academy of Accelerated Studies STEM School
Josh Revels
Education Outreach Specialist, Fairmont State University/NASA IV&V ERC
Laurie Sullivan
K - 5 STEAM , Arlington Public Schools
Ashlie Smith
Phy Science Educator l SEEC Crew Member, '21 Nat TOY 2nd place for Air Force Assoc. l Michigan Air Force Assoc VP of Aerospace Edu l Limitless Educator, Cranbrook Schools
Angela Case
Program Coordinator, Space Center Houston
Dr. Anne Weiss
Education Specialist, NASA Langley OSTEM/EPDC/Texas State University
Yassine Zarrouq
St Albans Girls' School
Loreal Mitchell
Elementary Educator , Coppell Independent School District
Bradly Rivera Muñiz
STEM Coordinator & Teacher / Mentor, Robinson School / The Arecibo Observatory
Wilmar Lee
Teacher/Robotics Coach, Energized for Excellence Academy Inc. MS
Pat Switzer
Flight Director, Challenger Learning Center Las Cruces Public Schools
Andrew Hamilton
Angleton Isd
Vanessa Ortega
Adrienne Provenzano
NASA Solar System Ambassadors JPL-CalTech

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